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The 88 Cent Walmart Pregnancy Test - Everything You Should Know

A lot of women rely on home pregnancy tests as their first step in checking whether or not they may be pregnant.

Whether you are trying to conceive or you’re hoping for a negative result, you’ll likely prefer your pregnancy testing to be as convenient, as accurate, and as cheap as possible. These are exactly the reasons why the Walmart 88 cent pregnancy test became a popular go-to option for the ladies wanting quick results at the most budget-friendly price.

The 88-cent pregnancy test that we are talking about is the Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test that you can buy from Walmart. Despite being a cheap pregnancy test, it claims quick results with more than 99 percent accuracy of detecting pregnancy when used in a timely and correct manner.

If this claim is true, then it would mean huge savings for women who feel the need to test more frequently than the rest. However, not everyone is a fan of these cheap pregnancy tests. So if you’re also wondering about their usage and accuracy, then here’s what our research revealed about these 88 cent Walmart pregnancy tests.

What is the 88 cent Walmart Pregnancy Test?

The Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test is an eyedropper type of home pregnancy test. The package includes one test cassette (a device with an outer plastic covering) and a dropper which you can use to add a few drops of your urine sample on the kit.

Just like any other home pregnancy test kits, Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test works by detecting the level of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), in the urine sample.

A quick view at its listing in Walmart’s online store also revealed the following features:

  • Over 99 percent accurate
  • Positive results as soon as 1 minute
  • Easy-to-read results
  • Can be used any time of the day
  • 100% Satisfaction, money-back guarantee

How accurate and sensitive is the 88 cent Walmart pregnancy test?

Before using any pregnancy test at all, it is not surprising that women are wondering of how accurate the results would be, especially with a pregnancy test that’s so cheap. While the 88 cent pregnancy test Walmart accuracy rate is claimed to be over 99 percent (which is pretty high) you may still be wondering if it can, indeed, yield good results.

Let’s start by reviewing some studies related to the accuracy and hCG sensitivity levels of pregnancy tests.

Research Studies related to Pregnancy Test Sensitivity and Accuracy

A 1995 review states that most home pregnancy tests have an hCG sensitivity level of 25 units per liter (or 25 mIU/ml). This sensitivity level can reveal 98 percent of positive results around the time of the missed period.

However, in 2004, another study compared the accuracy rates of the most common over-the-counter pregnancy tests (OTC-PTs) way back during that time period. Based on their results, only one brand (First Response Early Result) can consistently detect hCG to as little as 6.3 mIU/ml, thus identifying more than 95 percent of pregnancies on the day of the missed period. Another brand (ClearBlue Easy Earliest Results), has an hCG sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, which successfully detected 80 percent of pregnancies on the same day.

The rest of the pregnancy tests used in the study detected only a few pregnancies on the day of the missed period. The study concluded that the 99 percent accuracy that is printed on the pregnancy tests’ packaging is ambiguous.

This result is also backed up by a 2014 study which revealed that most of the actual pregnancy test sensitivities didn’t match the accuracy rate that is reflected in their package inserts.

Now, what would these studies imply regarding the 88 cent pregnancy test? Can the 99% figure actually be trusted?

Walmart 88 cent Pregnancy Test Sensitivity and Accuracy

Most home pregnancy tests have an hCG sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, so it is safe to assume that this Walmart cheap pregnancy test falls into that category. With a 25 mIU/ml sensitivity, the Equate 88 cent pregnancy test may be able to detect 80 percent of pregnancies on the day of the missed period.

Additionally, consider that the hCG levels typically doubles every 72 hours around this time. This may also imply that if you use this pregnancy test at around 3 to 7 days after the date of your expected period, it will offer a greater chance of getting a result with 99 percent accuracy or higher.

A pregnancy test’s accuracy can also be influenced by other factors such as test handling, test procedures and how easy it is to understand the instructions written on the inserts or packaging.

Therefore, with the Walmart 88 cent pregnancy test, hCG levels of 25mIU/ml can be detected and the accuracy of the results will be higher if you test a few days later. Additionally, make sure that you are handling and following the instructions of the pregnancy test as carefully as possible.

How to use the 88 cent Walmart Pregnancy Test

This Equate pregnancy test comes with usage instructions that are printed at the back of its packaging. Here’s the step-by-step guide on using the pregnancy test:

  • Collect a small amount of your urine in a clean and dry container cup.
  • Open the foil pouch and remove the test kit.
  • Holding the dropper vertically, transfer 3 drops of your urine to the sample well that is marked with “S” on the test kit. Then, start the timing.
  • The results can be read after 3 minutes. However, test results may also reveal themselves in as early as 60 seconds.
  • Do not read test results after 10 minutes as it may lead to invalid results.

How to Read the 88 cent Walmart Pregnancy Test Results

The Equate First Signal Pregnancy Test kit comes with a result window that is marked with the following letters and here’s what they mean:

  • “C” or Control Line– this is located in the upper region of the result window. If this line appears, it means that the test kit or device is working properly.
  • “T” or Test Line– This is located in the lower region of the result window. This line appears if enough hCG is detected in the urine sample.

After adding your urine in the “S” or sample well, the result will be revealed anytime between 1 to 3 minutes. Here’s how to interpret the pregnancy test results:

2 red lines (Control and Test lines are both red)

If you see 2 red lines on the result window, this would mean that hCG is detected in your urine and you may possibly be pregnant. This is also known as the big fat positive (BFP) on fertility forums. 🙂

1 red line (Control line is red)

If only the control line is red, this means that there is no hCG detected in your urine. However, since pregnancy tests have certain hCG sensitivity levels, it may also mean that your hCG is not high enough to be detected by the kit. This result may also be referred as the big fat negative (BFN).

1 red line (Test line is red)

If only the test line is red, this indicates an invalid result. You may need to repeat the process with a brand new pregnancy test kit.

Faint line on pregnancy test

Based on the reviews, many women also encountered a faint line in their pregnancy tests. A faint line may indicate that there is some hCG detected in the urine, but the level is not high enough to cause a dark line.

A faint line in pregnancy test may also be a result of other factors. You may want to take a repeat test a couple of days after for reassurance.

Aside from knowing how to read the results, it is also important to take note that pregnancy tests (no matter how cheap or expensive) always have a margin of error and can’t deliver 100 % accurate results. The same thing can be happen in these 88 cent pregnancy tests. Sometimes, you may get a false positive or false negative pregnancy test result.

False positive pregnancy test result

While using the Walmart 88 cent pregnancy test, false positive pregnancy test result may occur. This will show a positive result or two red lines on the pregnancy test even if you are not pregnant.

The following may cause a false positive pregnancy test result:

  • The test kit is too sensitive.
  • Taking medications that contain hCG
  • Chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage
  • Recent abortion or childbirth
  • Other medical conditions that stimulate the release of hCG

In some cases, the false positive reading may be due to the failure to read the result within the recommended time, which is around 3 minutes. Reading your 88 cent Walmart pregnancy test positive after the time limit means that results may no longer be valid.

Seeing a faint line appear 10 minutes after doing the test doesn’t mean a positive result, rather, an evaporation line that is caused by the evaporated urine molecules on the testing kit. Walmart 88 cent pregnancy test evap lines can be misleading, so it is essential to follow the instructions correctly.

False negative pregnancy test result

In using the Walmart 88 cent pregnancy test, false negative results may also be encountered. This will show a negative pregnancy test reading even if you are actually pregnant.

Some causes of a false negative pregnancy test result are:

  • Taking the test too early
  • The pregnancy test is not that sensitive to detect early pregnancy
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Diluted urine sample
  • Incorrect usage of the pregnancy test
  • The pregnancy test is expired, the airtight seal is tampered, or it is stored in a hot area.

A diluted urine sample is one of the common causes of false negative pregnancy test results. As such, it would be best to take the test first thing in the morning, when your urine has the highest concentration of hCG.


Who can take the 88 cent Walmart Pregnancy Test?

The Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test can be taken by women who have missed their period and suspecting to be pregnant. This Equate pregnancy test has clear instructions with diagrams for easier testing in the convenience of your own home.

When can you take the 88 cent Walmart pregnancy test?

Most women take the pregnancy test on the day of their missed period or days before their expected date of menstrual flow. However, since most pregnancy tests have sensitivity levels of 25 mIU/ml, it would be best to take the test 7 or more days after your expected date of menstruation for higher accuracy.   

Where in Walmart can you find the 88 cent pregnancy test?

You will find the Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test in the family planning section of any Walmart. You can also get one of these in the Walmart online shop.

There is no age requirement in buying pregnancy tests at Walmart or at any grocery and drug stores in the United States. Therefore, if you are a teenager who suspects they may be pregnant, you can purchase a pregnancy test without having a parent or adult present.

Do Walmart 88 cent pregnancy tests work?

The Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test which is priced 88 cents in Walmart has a 4.2 star rating in their online store, at the time of writing.

Most customers who bought and used this pregnancy test recommend the product for being accurate, easy-to-use and inexpensive. Many customers claim to see positive or faint positive results a couple of days before their expected period. Some even claim its sensitivity stating that this 88 cent pregnancy test works equally or even more sensitive than the more expensive brands.

A few customers have encountered difficulties in reading the results, have false readings, or have purchased defective pregnancy tests.


Overall, the 88 cent Walmart pregnancy test (Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test) can be highly accurate when used correctly and further along in pregnancy.

Previous customers can attest that it works well for its affordable price and can even compete with the other brands of pregnancy tests.

Therefore, the Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test (that you can buy from Walmart for less than a dollar) can definitely be a good option if you are looking for a cheap and accurate pregnancy test.


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