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“Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend.”

If you love this quote, you probably realize that aunts occupy a special place in our hearts. Now that you’re all grown up and it’s your turn to become parents, it would be of great pleasure to find a special name for the aunts-to-be in your baby’s life.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to other names for aunts. You can go for the traditional ones or opt for a more unique, fun, or even crazy aunt name if you want!

Whether you’re the one going to be an aunt soon or you’re helping your sister and sister-in-law find their aunt names, here’s a list of ides. We’ve also provided some tips that can help you pick a name that will truly represent an aunt’s unique and irreplaceable character.

How to Pick an Aunt Name

Choosing an aunt name can be fun and exciting, especially once you find the name that will perfectly suit the aunt-to-be.

But first, you may want to consider some details that can help you select the best aunt name for your family. Let’s look over some of these details now, and how they might influence your decision.

Things to consider when choosing an aunt name or nickname:


You have endless options when coming up with a cute, fun or unique aunt nickname. However, if you’re thinking something that is out of the box, then you might as well consider if the aunt name would fit the age of the aunt-to-be.

For instance, traditional aunt names may be preferred by somebody in an older age group, while the sillier aunt names might be more adored by the younger generation.

That said, age might be a factor in the selection process, but there really are no rules in thinking of an aunt name. Regardless of their age, cool aunt names can suit the young at heart!

Real name

The easiest way to come up with aunt nicknames is to modify or shorten their real name. For example, if your sister or sister-in-law’s real name is Amanda, it can be shortened to “Aunt Am,” “Aunt A,” or make it more fun for your baby to call her “Aunt Dah-dah”.

Interests and Personality

Sometimes, aunts will want a name that will make their nieces and nephews remember their personality instead of their real name. This is also a way to come up with a unique and fun aunt name that will truly set her apart from the rest.

An example would be “Aunt Fitty” if she loves working out and probably dreaming of becoming the future gym-buddy of your baby. Another one would be “Aunt Cookie” if she loves baking, cooking, and aims to be the best food buddy for her little nieces and nephews.

Personal Preference

Of course, the rule of thumb in giving your sisters an aunt name is to seek their own thoughts and approval. Though it’s not yet an official name that your baby will call her (you know how baby language can be so unpredictable), it is important that the aunt-to-be at least agrees for her niece or nephew to call her that, especially if you are thinking of the wacky ones!

Traditional/ Classic Aunt Names

Classic aunt names last forever, just like their unconditional love for your little angel. If you want to go traditional, then here’s a list of the classic aunt names that you can choose from:

  • Aunt or Auntie
  • Aunt or Auntie followed by their first name
  • Aunt or Auntie followed by their nickname
  • Aunty
  • Tee-tee or Ti-ti
  • Aunnie or Annie
  • Nanny
  • Nay-ney

The Word Aunt in Different Languages

If you want to go for the traditional and at the same time, impart your native language, then you might be interested in using different names for aunt based on the country where your family came from.

So here, we’ve listed some examples of the other names for aunt in different languages around the globe. You might find yours here!

  • Teze (Albanian)
  • Eama (Arabic)
  • Tetka (Bosnian/ Croatian /Russian/Serbian)
  • Yímā (Chinese)
  • Tädi (Estonian)
  • Tiya or Tita (Filipino)
  • Täti (Finnish)
  • Tante (German/Danish/Dutch/French/Norwegian)
  • θεíα or Theia (Greek – pronounced ‘Thee-ya’)
  • ʻAnakē (Hawaiian)
  • Néni (Hungarian)
  • Zia (Italian)
  • Aintín (Irish)
  • Oba (Japanese)
  • Teta (Lithuanian)
  • Tía (Spanish)
  • Moster (Swedish)
  • Titka (Ukrainian)

Cool Aunt Names

Sometimes, aunts don’t really have a huge age gap with their nieces and nephews, so opting out for a sisterly endearment would be nice. But remember, that doesn’t mean that a more mature age would stop them from being the coolest aunt ever! Here are some cool aunt names for the future aunt buddy!

  • Sissie
  • Sistah
  • Sis-tie (Sister and Auntie)
  • Bes-ty (Best friend and Aunty)
  • F.A. (Best Friend Aunt)
  • Faunt/ Fant (Fun Aunt or Fan Aunt)
  • Mom-Ty (Mom and Aunty)
  • Combining aunt with the first letter of name (Aunt C/ Auntsy or Aunt M/ Auntem)
  • Ti
  • Lovey

Fun Aunt Names

Is the future aunt funny and the official crowd-drawer of the family? Then she might be thinking of fun aunt names that can perfectly match her personality. Here are some ideas on creating fun names for aunts or you could mix them up to create your own version.

  • Combining aunt with a superhero name (Super-aunt, Wonder-aunt)
  • Combining the first letter of her name or her nickname with a superhero name (Super S, Mighty Sam, Lady B)
  • Creating unique nicknames (Funfetti, Sassy G, Big Love)
  • Using Disney or Princess names (Aunt Snow, Aunt Cindy or Ella, Sleeping Aunty)

Cute Aunt Names

Being an aunt doesn’t exempt your sis from becoming cute and cuddly, so we’ve put together a list of cute aunt nicknames for her. You might use this list as an inspiration.

  • Big Love or Baby Love
  • Aunt Teeny
  • Ti-nkerbell
  • Gummy Ti, Gummy Bear, Aunty Bear
  • Combining her name or nickname with –ty (Brit-ty, Le-ty, Pat-ty)
  • Foxy
  • Cuddly
  • Nini
  • Bubby
  • Be-be
  • Based on her favorite character (Aunt Pooh, Aunt Kitty, Aunt Dora)
  • Repeating the end of her name (Rah-rah for Sarah, Mi-mi for Amy)

Crazy Aunt Names

“Aunt-hood” also means a lot of crazy stuff to be shared with the little ones. From messy games to keeping secrets and hailing themselves as the child’s best pal, no wonder why these crazy aunt names come into picture!

  • Crazy Ty, Zy-ty
  • Mys-ty, Mess-ty
  • Merry Aunty
  • Fab Aunt (Fabulous Aunt)
  • Fave Aunt (Favorite Aunt)
  • Mom-zy, Momzilla (a crazier version of mommy)
  • Beau-Ty (Beautiful Aunty)
  • Sexy-Ty (Sexy Aunty)
  • Brain-ty (Brainy Aunty)
  • Spor-ty (Sports Aunty)
  • Champ-ty (Champion Aunty)

Great Aunt Nicknames

While looking for some cool aunt names, don’t forget to pick one for their great aunt as well! Be it your grandpa or grandma’s sister, she is a gift that will surely bring so much love and care for your little one. Here are some great aunt names and nicknames that you may also love!

  • Grand Aunt (the other term for Great Aunt)
  • G- aunt, G.A., or GiA (short for Great Aunt)
  • Aunt G
  • Nana
  • Mam-mam
  • Gran-ty
  • Tita G, Ty G

Additional Tips in Choosing or Creating Aunt Names and Nicknames

Do you have your own ideas of fun, cool, crazy or cute names for babies to call aunts? Now, that you’re a few steps closer to the best aunt name ever, here are some additional tips that may help.

Keep it short and easy to pronounce.

You might have created the most wonderful aunt nickname, but if your baby can’t pronounce it, there’s no way that she’ll call her aunt that name. Remember that babies may stumble on their first words, but once they add meaning to it, they’re going to stick with that particular word. So, make sure to introduce an aunt name that can be easily pronounced and remembered by your baby, ‘coz they’re going to speak of it for a lifetime!

Exchange thoughts with the aunt-to-be.

Of course, before you impose the name of your choosing, you should as well respect the thoughts of the aunt-to-be. This is especially important if you are eyeing for an unusual nickname for aunts. Sharing ideas for aunt names would also be a great bonding moment with your sister or sister-in-law even before you give birth to your child.

Be open for changes!

Babies can mix and match words to create their own, so don’t be surprised if their dear niece or nephew utters a whole lot of different aunt nickname once they start to speak. After all, this will turn out to be an extra special name, as the little ones personally chose it to call their aunt.


So there you have it- some of the classic, cutest, coolest, craziest and other names for aunts. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the aunt name that will truly suit that one special person who will be there for your baby right from the start.

Have you got your own ideas for a unique or alternative aunt name? Come and share it with us below!

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