How To Avoid Getting Peed On By Baby Boys During Diaper Changes

Getting peed during diaper change might be one of the funniest moments that many new parents encounter, especially if they have a baby boy. It might even be something that you still laugh about until now. But when this “accident” suddenly turns into a habit, you may come to think, “Is there something I can do to avoid getting peed on?”

Well, actually there is! We’ve collected a couple of tips and tricks to help keep your those wet clothes and beddings at bay.

So what are some ways on how to avoid getting peed on by baby boy during diaper change? Many parents have succeeded in improving their diaper changing technique, encouraging their baby to pee before changing, or putting on another layer of protection to at least prevent the wee from spraying all around.

Let’s take a better look at the tips and tricks that many parents find effective. You might find your miracle solution right here!

Things you can do BEFORE the diaper change

What some experienced moms and dads have discovered is that there are actually some tricks you can do before the diaper change to help minimize the chance of getting peed on the process. Here are some of them!

Place your diaper changing materials within easy reach

Preparation really matters, particularly during those late night diaper changes. Have everything ready like baby wipes, diapers, cream, and extra clothes nearby your diaper changing area. You’ll be surprised how this tip can help you finish up a lot more quickly and eventually minimize the chance that you get peed on again.

Keep the room warm

Have you noticed that you also tend to pee a lot when it’s cold? This is because the body tries to adapt with the environment and get rid of excess water to keep the body warm.

This is why you shouldn’t be surprised if you dear son suddenly pees upon opening his diaper in a room with a cool temperature.

If that’s the case, it might be helpful for you to keep the room temperature warm or find a warmer spot at home where you can change his diapers. It can be an effective way on how to prevent baby boys from peeing during diaper changes.

Warm the wipes beforehand

You may use a wipe warmer or simply pull out the baby wipes and warm them using your hand just before changing your baby’s diaper. If your baby is peeing in response to cold, then this trick may work!

Place a cold wipe over your baby’s lower tummy

Also applying the principle that cold temperature usually triggers us to urinate, this trick might be able to save you from a peeing spree right after you open their wet or dirty diaper.

Some parents have shared this trick, and it has definitely helped them to avoid being peed on! It is done by placing a cold wipe over your baby’s tummy, just below his navel before you actually change his diaper. The cold wipe might encourage your little one to pee and if you’re lucky, he’ll actually urinate before the diaper is opened – just in time for his diaper change!

Allow some cool air to enter the diaper area

It may sound pretty weird but actually, you might have been doing it while checking for urine or poop inside of his diaper. While you gently pull the diaper to check, some of the cool air around you may come in. This technique may similarly encourage your little one to pee before you change his diaper.

Things you can do DURING the diaper change

It’s during the diaper change (or the removal of the diaper) that the urine has a chance to hit us. Therefore, the following tips and tricks may help during the diaper change itself. Or at least, you may find ways to protect yourself and everything else during nature’s call!

Practice being quicker

It might be really a struggle during the first few weeks but everything is sure to get a lot easier once you master the art of diaper changing. Trust us, it’s a skill you’ll eventually learn with constant practice!

Place the new diaper under the dirty diaper

This tip also helps you change your baby’s diaper more quickly, way before your son starts to pee. Here’s one way on how to change a boy’s diaper without him peeing.

First, spread and place the clean diaper underneath the dirty diaper. Unfasten the dirty diaper and use your non-dominant hand to secure the feet together and gently pull up your baby’s bottom. Using your dominant hand, quickly clean the area and then remove the dirty nappy. Since the clean diaper is right there, you can quickly secure the tapes just before your baby begins to pee. Quick and easy!

Use a wipe as a shield

If you can’t prevent your baby to pee while changing his diapers, then the solution to your problem might be shielding. You can use the trick of covering your baby boy’s genital with a clean wipe (or several layers of wipes) to at least spare you from a sudden spraying spree.

Use the new diaper as a cover

If a baby wipe isn’t enough to shield you against the pee, then you may resort to a thicker shield, such as another diaper!

Observe for signs that your baby boy is going to pee

As a parent, you may notice some reoccurring signs that your little one’s planning to pee. One of the common signs is that your baby’s penis will tend to point straight up just before he urinates. So once you observe this sign, take cover!

Have an additional layer of protection, in case everything fails!

Accidents do happen, no matter how quick and experienced you are in changing your baby’s diapers. So don’t forget to have a back-up plan when your baby boy pee despite all your preparations.

Some parents find it useful to prepare a thick towel nearby that they can use to absorb the urine and prevent it from spilling off the mattress, the diaper changing table or the couch.

Another tip is using a wipeable cover underneath every time you are changing your baby’s diapers. This can greatly minimize your time cleaning the whole set of beddings or couch cover when your newborn pees during diaper changes.


These were a few tips and tricks on how to avoid getting peed on by baby boys while changing their diapers. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the solution that you’re longing for. But even if you do end up being peed again, don’t despair. Time will come that you and your baby will get the hang of it and sooner or later, you’ll be the next diaper changing pro. Just keep going, try not to stress, and remember that you’re doing a great job!

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