70+ Quotes About Babies Smiling

Is there anything in the world more precious than your baby’s smile?

Let’s be honest, there are few things that are more adorable than seeing a baby boy or a baby girl smile. The sight of it lights up our hearts, and fills us with joy.

Whether it’s from seeing them first thing in the morning or catching them smiling while they’re sleeping, that little grin surely brightens up our day!

Therefore, we’ve gathered 70+ quotes about babies smiling, and we’re delighted to share them with you below. These also happen to make great photo captions on websites like Facebook or Instagram, as well as cards and photobooks!

Quotes About Babies Smiling

  1. “A smiling baby is nothing less than having a little bit of living heaven in your arms.”
  2. “Babies smile without any reason. Be like a baby.” – Debasish Mridha
  3. “A baby’s smile is probably a glimpse of what heaven might feel like.”
  4. “A day where you witness at least one baby’s smile is always a day well spent.”
  5. “A baby’s smile is the quickest known thing to make a person feel happy.”
  6. A babys smile is the most sincere, purest form of happiness.
  7. A babys smile is the purest joy that this world can give us.
  8. “No matter what the moment, a baby girl will always render sunshine in your life with her adorable smile.”
  9. “Your little baby’s smile fills the gap in your heart which you never realize was empty.”
  10. “A smile can uplift the deepest person and make him more caring, more loving and more generous.”
  11. “A baby’s smile, like that of a small child, is deep and sincere, pure and true.”
  12. “If you don’t believe in love at first sight, how do you feel when you see a baby smile?”
  13. “A baby’s smile can heal a broken heart.”
  14. “There is something so beautiful and wonderful about seeing a baby smile. It is like a ray of sunshine breaking through darkness.”
  15. “Babies smile in their sleep because they’re listening to the whispering of angels.”
  16. “A baby’s smile is like the first ray of sunshine after a long, dark winter.”
  17. “A baby’s smile is like a rainbow in the middle of a storm.”
  18. “A baby’s smile is the purest form of joy.”
  19. “There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.” – Jared Padalecki
  20. “A smiling baby speaks the most beautiful language.”
  21. “The smile of a baby is a gift that can never be taken away.”
  22. “A baby girl’s smile is as warm and sweet as the sun on a cold winter day.”
  23. “A newborn baby’s smile is so beautiful and happy, I can’t help smiling back.”
  24. “When you see a baby smile, it’s like seeing the sun rise every morning.”
  25. “A baby’s smile can teach us that we don’t need a reason to be happy.”
  26. “Their smiles are one of the first gifts our children reward us with.”
  27. “Babies are meant to be loved, cherished and admired. A baby’s smile is just a glimpse into the wonderful world that lies within them.”
  28. “A baby’s smile is like a tiny reminder that life is beautiful.”
  29. “Your baby’s smile is a beautiful thing, that should be protected at all costs.”
  30. “The most beautiful thing in the world is a child’s smile. The next best thing? Knowing that you are the reason behind it.”
  31. “Children learn to smile from their parents.” – Shinichi Suzuki
  32. “The smile of your baby reminds you how infinitely precious life is.”
  33. “There is something so special about a baby’s smile – it’s innocent, full of love and unconditional. A baby’s smile makes everything worthwhile.”
  34. Everyday is a good day if you get to see a smile on your baby‘s face.”
  35. “I am sure that no one can remain gloomy in his heart with a baby smiling at him in his arms.”
  36. “Babies are the happiest of beings on the earth. Their smiles are downright divine.”
  37. “A baby’s smile is so delightful that it can make even the coldest people childishly happy.”
  38. “The most beautiful sight in the world is a smiling baby, and the most precious sound to hear is a baby’s laugh.”
  39. “A smiling baby is a treasure that brings happiness to everyone around them.”
  40. “It is said that a baby’s smile is the purest form of happiness on earth. I am sure no one can argue with that.”
  41. “A baby’s smile is like magic. It is the essence of all that is pure and good in the world.”
  42. “A baby’s smile can lighten up your life, just as the sun can light up the earth.”
  43. “A baby’s smile is like a dazzling diamond whose radiance can never be dimmed or extinguished.”
  44. “The happiest moment of my life was when my daughter smiled at me for the first time.”
  45. “The world doesn’t revolve around me anymore. Now it’s all about this little baby. I come home after a rough day, I see her, and she smiles and nothing but that matters.” – Michael Easton
  46. “A baby’s smile can make the saddest person happy.”
  47. “There is no greater feeling than holding a baby in your arms, seeing the wonderful smile on their face and knowing that you bring that smile to them.”
  48. “Whenever you feel down in your life, just look upon a baby’s smile, it will really help you regain hope.”
  49. “Sometimes when I am waiting for a miracle, my baby boy smiles at me and I realize that I already have one.”
  50. “The first time a baby smiles at you, you will feel as if you were struck by lightning. The joy that you experience is indescribable.”
  51. “When I see my son smile, I feel a genuine happiness that I had never felt before. This feeling of happiness will last forever in my heart.”
  52. “Even though my child is no longer a baby, I always remember the first time she smiled. It was the most beautiful moment of my life.”
  53. “I would go through the pain of childbirth a million times over, just to make my baby smile one more time.”
  54. “Anyone who sees a baby’s smile has to smile too.”
  55. “It is when you see your own kid’s smile that you realize there are things far more precious than diamonds and jewels.”
  56. “A baby smiles around 400 times a day while adults smile only 60 times a day. We really need to take classes from babies.”
  57. “Hold him a little longer, rock him a little more. Read him another story, you’ve already read him four. Let him sleep on your shoulder, rejoice in his happy smile, he is only a little boy for such a little while.”
  58. “It is a moment of pure ecstasy and satisfaction when you see a smile flicker on the baby’s lips, just as they gently pass into a deep slumber.”
  59. A baby‘s smile is like a little sunbeam of pure happiness.”
  60. “A baby’s smile is one of the first ways that they show love.”
  61. “A smile is a language that every baby understands.”
  62. “Sometimes all it takes is your baby’s smile to realize that these are going to be the best years of your life.”
  63. “I cannot express in words how beautiful is the smile of a baby.”
  64. “One of my happiest memories is holding my daughter in my arms, looking down at her, and seeing her smiling up at me.”
  65. “A baby’s smile can heal the deepest pains and fill the most empty soul with happiness.”
  66. “When your baby smiles, the world gets a little bit brighter.”
  67. “A baby’s smile is just like an uncut diamond, perfectly shaped without any interference from the cruelties of the world.”
  68. “On the toughest days, seeing my baby smile reminds me that all of this is worth it.”
  69. “Even the saddest days can be made better by the sound of a baby’s laugh or by the sight of a baby’s sweet smile.”
  70. “A baby’s smile can make the weak feel strong, the poor feel rich, and the sad feel happy.”


We hope that you’ve enjoyed these quotes about babies smiling!

While words alone can’t fully embody that feeling get when we see our little one grin, these quotes about babies smiles are certainly cute!

Of course, if you have any of your own that you’d like to add, don’t hesitate to share them through the comments form below!

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