Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

Gone are the days when pregnancy and childrearing were topics that are exclusively reserved for women. Today, men are seen getting more active involvement with parenting – not just with the challenges, but also with the fun parts, like parties! With that, you might be thinking, do men go to baby showers?

Baby showers are traditionally celebrated for the mom-to-be together with her female relatives and friends. However, there is an increasing popularity in co-ed baby showers as well as a diaper/wipes party that can both be attended by men.

While there are no strict rules as to who can and can’t attend baby showers, family traditions as well as the personal preference of the parents-to-be would matter. So if you’re the one organizing the baby shower and thinking if you could add up men in the guest list, then here are some baby shower etiquette and tips that you may find useful for the upcoming celebration.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is like a welcome party for the expectant mother and her baby. Baby showers are traditionally celebrated to send good wishes for the mom-to-be as well as help her prepare for the things she’ll need for her new baby.

Baby showers were usually organized by a female relative or friend to gather the people that are close to the expectant mother’s heart. The celebration can be as simple as a home backyard party or as elegant as a big, formal celebration and you have endless options when it comes to baby shower themes. Either way, the goal of baby showers was always to “shower” the soon-to-be mother with love, well wishes and baby shower gifts which she can use once her little one comes along.

Who attends baby showers?

Baby showers were traditionally an all-girls event, with the female relatives, friends and co-workers of the mother-to-be as the primary people in the guest list. This is mainly because pregnancy and childbirth was once a topic that was primarily handled by women. Through the baby shower, the female guests can also share their own pregnancy and delivery experiences to the expectant mother, something that was not publicly discussed a long time ago.

However, modern times has modified a lot of our traditions and baby showers are not an exemption. Now that men are equally involved with things regarding their upcoming baby, it is not surprising to see baby showers that are attended by both parents, with their own set of guests.

So… do men attend baby showers today?

Do guys go to baby showers?

Definitely! Guys are now much welcome to attend baby showers and join the fun! In fact, baby showers attended by men have become more popular, and many gentlemen are certainly willing to try out some hilarious and fun baby shower games!

However, if you’re the baby shower organizer and you’re thinking of inviting male guests, you should consult the thoughts of the parents-to-be about your plan. This is because some expectant mothers may still want to intimately celebrate their event with the traditional girls-only guests, and this decision should be respected.

Other male family members, particularly those who are in the older generation, may also prefer not to attend baby showers. Still, you may want to check with the parents-to-be and see if they are open to the idea.

Guys attending baby showers are popular for co-ed baby showers, wherein both new parents are being honored in the celebration. In co-ed baby showers, a mixture of male and female guests are often seen to celebrate with the soon-to be parents.

Are baby showers for guys too?

Baby showers are usually held for the expectant mother, however, if the parents-to-be decide to have a co-ed baby shower, then the father-to-be has to be there and honored also.

In some cases, the friends and family members of the soon-to-be father can host a separate celebration for the guys. The counterpart of baby shower for men is often called a diaper or wipes party. Here, the male guests would often help the celebrant to stock up on diapers and wipes for their upcoming baby.

Co-ed Baby Shower Tips and Ideas

So, now that you have an idea that male guests can attend baby showers, you may want to know some more tips on how to run this kind of celebration. Keep in mind that you may need to think of some variations in your baby shower planning to include some things that will keep the male guests equally entertained. Here are some co-ed baby shower ideas that you may include:

Consider the dad-to-be’s personality in planning for the activities.

Since co-ed baby showers involve the presence of the future dad, you should consider his likes and dislikes in organizing the party. For instance, some men are timid and won’t be comfortable talking about the stuff that involves labor and delivery. Other men may want to be actively involved in their wife’s childbirth and may be more open to discuss these kind of topics.

With that in mind, you can carefully choose the flow of activities in the co-ed baby shower that you’re planning and prevent some potential uncomfortable moments for the dad-to-be.

Ask both expecting parents about the names to include in the guest list.

Since it would be a co-ed baby shower, the guests must include both parties. It would be best to ask both the soon-to-be parents about whom they want to send their baby shower invites.  After all, it’s a shower for both the future mom and dad to enjoy!

Modify the classic baby shower games.

Many of the traditional games played at baby showers can be modified to add up more fun and excitement. As many men are known for their high energy levels at parties, you may take advantage of their adrenaline to add up some dynamic and hilarious activities in the baby shower.

Consider separate baby showers for different groups of guests.

In some cases, the parents-to-be may prefer to have more than one baby shower to cater different groups of guests. For instance, one separate celebration for the family and relatives while another one for co-workers.  This might also help you organize the celebration more effectively as each baby shower can be focused on the interests and personality of a particular group of people.


So overall, men are allowed to attend baby showers, particularly if it is a co-ed celebration. But before writing the guys’ names on the invitation list, make sure to ask the opinion of the guest-of-honor if she is comfortable at inviting men in her celebration. After all, the essence of baby showers is for the mom-to-be to enjoy her day with the help of the people who are close to her heart!

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