20 Exciting Gender Reveal Ideas Worth Considering

Are you looking for awesome gender reveal ideas? The way expectant parents reveal the gender of their baby has changed dramatically over the years. Now, rather than simply telling friends and family the sex, couples prefer a more memorable, unique reveal.

From wild and extravagant to sweet and simple, there’s sure to be a gender reveal method below to suit your budget and preferences. So, let’s take a look at just 20 awesome gender reveal ideas you can use to break the news to your loved ones.

1. The Gender Cake Reveal

This is a popular and adorable way to reveal baby’s gender. It can be done in numerous ways, starting with hosting a gender reveal party. When you’re ready to reveal the gender, simply cut open the cake and watch your guests gasp with joy!

You can either add food coloring to the cake or fill it with colored candy. That way, when you cut into it, either blue or pink will b revealed. If you’re pretty good at baking you could create the cake yourself, but it may be easier to hire someone to bake it for you.


2. Jelly Bean Photo Reveal

If you don’t fancy hosting a party, the jelly bean photo reveal could be a great alternative. You’ll need a handful of pink and a handful of blue jelly beans.

You hold one color in one hand and your partner holds the other color in one of their hands. Take a photo showing both yours and your partners hands open to reveal the jelly beans. Then, take another photo which reveals only the colored jelly beans related to the sex of your little one. It’s simple, affordable and a unique way to reveal the gender of your baby.

3. The Painted Handprint On Bump Reveal

This one is adorable! Invest in a plain white t-shirt and then dip your partners hands in the appropriate colored paint relating to baby’s gender.

Take a photo with your partner standing behind you, with their hands on your stomach. Then get them to remove their hands and take a photo of the cute colored hand prints left behind. This is another great alternative idea to a gender reveal party and again is really affordable to do. Just be sure the paint cannot be seen on your partners hand during the first photo.

4. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Reveal

Another very unique idea and awesome for Harry potter fans – the sorting hat reveal! If you are a major fan of the Harry Potter films, you’ll be familiar with the sorting hat. Used to sort pupils into various houses, the sorting hat can make an awesome gender reveal prop.

You can either make your own or buy a ready-made sorting hat. Then, create a poster which reads something like “Only the sorting hat can see, boy or girl, what will it be?”. Gather your guests around and then lift up the hat to reveal a piece of baby’s clothing in either pink or blue.

Of course, you can use your own imagination and put whatever you like under the hat to make the reveal. It’s a super-cute and entertaining way of revealing the gender of baby.

5. Silly String Reveal

If you want to make your gender reveal fun, why not use silly string? Invest in pink or blue silly string but keep the colors secret from your guests. This could mean you need to cover up the labels if they state what color is in them.

Once the color has been hidden, give your guests a can of silly spray and let them spray you and your partner with it. The color will reveal the gender. It’s an unusual idea but you’ll be surprised just how much fun you and your guests have with this one!

6. Piñata Gender Reveal

Another fun idea is to use a piñata to reveal your baby’s sex. Everyone loves hitting a piñata and you could even use it as a theme for your reveal party. Serve up tacos and virgin Mexican cocktails for a full-on fun theme.

You’ll need to fill it with pink or blue confetti, or you can buy a ready-made gender reveal piñata online. It’s a really fun yet affordable way to reveal whether you’re having a boy or girl.

7. The Gender Competition Reveal

If you want to really grab your guest’s attention, why not turn the reveal into a competition? Guests vote to say whether they think you’re having a boy or girl, then the ones who get it right can receive some sort of prize.

This is one of the easiest ideas to personalize. You can choose how your guests will guess the gender and what prize they receive for getting it right. For example, you could do a voting system where there’s ballot boxes to put gender voting slips in. Or, why not ask guests to vote by grabbing either blue or pink ribbons? Let your imagination run wild and see what gender competition reveal ideas you can come up with?

8. The Pokémon Gender Ball

If you want a really unique gender reveal, why not invest in a Pokémon gender reveal ball? They’re surprisingly cheap and are ideal for gamers and those with a love of anime. Simply toss the ball and watch as it explodes to reveal pink or blue.

This idea is great for those looking to make more of a spectacle out of the reveal. It’s a fun, quirky idea that your guests won’t forget in a hurry!

9. Paint Gun Reveal

If you want to take the fun level up a notch, why not opt for a paint gun reveal? If you and your guests are up for getting a little messy, a paint gun fight can be an awesome way to reveal baby’s gender. Simply fire up the paint guns and squirt your guests with either blue or pink colored paint.

You could also take a photo or video of you and your partner squirting each other with a paint gun if you aren’t hosting a reveal party. Just be careful the paint gun isn’t aimed at your stomach as although they’re designed with fun in mind, they can still pack quite a punch!

10. Balloon Reveal

Fancy trying something a little less active? A balloon reveal is an awesome way to expose baby’s gender. Again, there’s numerous ways you can do this.

You can simply fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti and pop it to reveal the result. Or, why not put as many pink or blue balloons you can fit into a large box and open it to reveal baby’s gender? You and your guests will have an amazing time watching the balloons float up into the sky.

11. Confetti Gender Reveal

Another super-fun way to reveal baby’s gender is with confetti! You can tailor this idea to fit your own preferences, but the simplest way to do it is to invest in confetti cannons. Fill them with the right colored confetti and then shoot them into the air for a dramatic reveal.

Alternatively, you can invest in small confetti poppers, which your guests can use to shower you with the right colored confetti.

12. A Gender Reveal Package

It’s likely not all of your guests will be able to make it to your baby gender reveal party, or you may not be throwing one. If you want to reveal your baby’s sex to friends and relatives who can’t be there, why not send them a gender reveal package?

There are so many ways you can do this. You could keep it simple and stick a card in the package revealing “It’s a girl/boy!”. Or, you could get really creative and send them an egg reveal package. You can buy the fake eggs online and when you crack into them, the gender is revealed. Imagine the look on your friends and family’s faces when they receive this unique package!

13. Scratch Off Reveal Cards

A creative gender reveal idea is a scratch-off card. Much like a scratch card where you win money, the card will reveal whether your baby is a girl or boy. These can again be bought online and they’re a simple, affordable and fun way to reveal baby’s gender.

14. Bun In The Oven Reveal

What better way to reveal baby’s sex than with the age-old “bun in the oven” pun? Bake up a batch of cupcakes and use either pink or blue coloring to decorate them. Then, when the time is right, simply pull the buns out of the oven to reveal baby’s sex.

Not only is this a creative way to reveal your baby’s gender, but your guests will also love eating the cupcakes too.

15. Pop The Belly Reveal

Want a fun and inventive way to reveal baby’s sex? Pop the Belly is an awesome game your guests will love to play! You’ll need some balloons, paint and something like a wooden board to stick the balloons on. You can actually buy specialized gender reveal boards for this exact purpose if you’d prefer.

The guests job is to take it in turns to pop a balloon. All of the balloons except one, will feature white paint. The final balloon will contain the color of your baby’s sex. Hide the balloon anywhere on the board and see how quickly your guests find it.

16. Filtered Ultrasound Reveal

If you want to keep your gender reveal simplistic, a filtered ultrasound reveal is perfect. You’ll need copies of your ultrasound, then all you need to do is use something like Photoshop to edit it. Add a blue or pink tint to the ultrasound to reveal your baby’s sex.

17. The Gender Reveal Quiz

Fancy keeping your guests guessing for a while? A gender reveal quiz can be really fun to play. It’s based on old wife’s tales, such as if you have salty cravings it’s a boy, while sweet cravings mean it’s a girl. Of course, these old wife’s tales aren’t necessarily accurate, but it’s a fun way to see if they are with your pregnancy.

This will also encourage guests to get to know you better, asking the questions they don’t know the answer to. At the end of the quiz, you can reveal your baby’s gender and see if the old wife’s tales are true.

18. The Powder Bomb Reveal

This simple yet very messy idea is an awesome way to reveal baby’s gender. You can buy powder bombs online and all you need to do is set them off above you. It’s a good idea to warn your guests in advance to wear plain white t-shirts. The color of the powder bomb will reveal the gender.

19. The Sealed Envelope Reveal

If you’ve kept baby’s gender a secret even from yourself, you can let your partner surprise you with the gender reveal. Get them to write down the sex of the baby and place the answer into a sealed envelope. You can then open the envelope at the reveal party.

The great thing about this idea is, you’ll be just as surprised as the guests are!

20. The Pet Reveal

If you’ve got pets, it’s a great idea to get them in on the reveal. Did you know for example, you can buy doggy t-shirts which say something along the lines of “Will it be a girl or boy? Tickle my tummy to find out”. Then, on your dog’s tummy, the answer will be revealed.

Your dog will especially love this idea! Though obviously you’ll want to ensure they naturally love attention!


So, there you have it, 20 awesome gender reveal ideas. There’s so many more, but the above are some of the most popular options available. You really can be as creative as you want to be when revealing the gender of your baby these days. How did you reveal your baby’s gender? We’d love to know below…

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  1. I must confess that I haven’t heard about any of these trends before now but I’m quite intrigued by reading the whole lot. They are all interesting as well as captivating way to reveal gender. I may be suggesting it to my wife in her next pregnancy, maybe she would fancy doing it.

    1. Yes, this is also not a thing at the time when I was still having babies. A lot of new parents are getting creative with baby announcements these days, and it’s actually fun and adds a lot of excitement, particularly so for those who waited years for a baby.

      You should try it the next time you and your wife have a baby 🙂 It would indeed be fun!

  2. I am my wife were planning a surprise party to reveal the gender of our baby. However, nothing sort of that happened. We did not know about the gender of the baby until 8th months. In the 8th month, we went for an Ultra Sound. My siblings were also present in the room. The doctor says its a boy and everyone heard it. A couple of minutes, my sister called our parents and other relatives and revealed the gender. My brother is expecting a baby a few months later and I will suggest some of these ideas.

    1. It’s true what you just said about making use of the ultrasound by most parents in decoding the sex of their baby. Some parents can’t endure the suspense of waiting till 9 months before the baby is born before knowing the child’s gender and this makes them resort to the use of ultrasound.

      1. The ultrasound examination is the best way to know the baby’s gender early on, although sometimes, the baby is in a position where the doctor cannot see the genitals. So they need to do it again on the next visit.

        I could still remember the excitement my three sons and husband felt when they learned I was at last pregnant with a girl. That was momentous.

    2. Wow! Isn’t that wonderful, vinaya? All your siblings witnessing the ultrasound to know what the baby’s gender is. That must have been a very exciting moment for everyone. Simple as it may seem, I would say it means a lot because your family was there to share it with you 🙂

  3. Wow ! My partner is a huge fan of Harry Potter and I just know if I mention a potential sorting hat reveal to him, he’ll be all over it ! Aha, I’m not sure wether I’m totally keen on the idea or not, I suppose time will tell. I personally love the simple blue/pink cake covered in white icing concept. Then my guests will also get to eat cake ! Win win. Perhaps a sorting hat and gendered cupcakes… hmm. I have some thinking to do ! Great article.

    1. I’m sure there will be no problem if you mix and match the ideas here. That would be fun! We wish you the best of luck!

      Do let us know the outcome. We would love to hear about it 🙂

  4. I went to an OB Gyne alone when I had my ultrasound for my first baby. When I found out that she was a girl, I got too excited and posted an image of the ultrasound with a caption directly into my social media account, and I tagged some important people in my life in that post. I haven’t heard any of these gender revealing ideas before. After reading this, I will surely do the Cake Gender Reveal idea for my second baby since I have a passion in baking cakes. As early as now, I already have the color and theme idea in my head and I am much excited for that day to come.

    1. The social media is a great way to share the good news with all the important people in your life. These ideas here, however, will give the excitement a boost.

      The Cake Gender Reveal will surely suit you because of your love for baking. I’m sure you already have a lot of ideas in mind and can’t seem to wait 🙂 Best of luck!

  5. Those are nice ways that we can get to reveal the gender of the baby and the truth is that it adds to the fun that comes with having a baby. Using the balloon style is quite popular here for you get to learn about if the baby is a girl or a boy through that exciting way.

  6. Hey, i really want to arrange a perfect gender reveal party for my baby that is to come in the near future and i want it to be themed on koala bear. Please guide me where can i find the decoration stuff. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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