Having been a while since Disney has released a movie about fairy godmothers, it was exciting to stumble upon Godmothered on Disney+.

However, with a running time of 1 hour and 53 minutes, is it worth your time to watch – and is there anything parents should be concerned about?

In this Godmothered review and FAQ, we cover everything you need to know, so you can decide whether or not this movie is safe to watch with your children.

Godmothered Plot Overview

Note: This article contains spoilers.

Like many Disney classics, the story in this film is relatively simple, with a premise that is easy to grasp.

The main character Eleanor (played by Jillian Bell) lives in a fictional place called the Motherland, where she is a fairy godmother in training – it is her dream to embrace this role and become a real fairy godmother to people in need.

Unfortunately, we quickly learn that the world no longer needs fairy godmothers anymore – and without anyone making any wishes for them, the school is set to be closed down.

One night, Eleanor digs around in the school’s files and find a hidden ‘assignment’ to become a fairy godmother to a 10 year old girl named Mackenzie, and help her find her true love rand her ‘happily ever after.’ Sneaking out to fulfill the assignment and prove that the world still needs fairy godmothers, she heads to Boston where the girl lives.

Only, when she gets there, she discovers that Mackenzie (played by Isla Fisher) is no longer a 10 year old girl, but a struggling single mother, where ‘happily ever after’ – or even being happy for a single day, seems permanently out of reach.

Unfortunately, Eleanor only has a few days to complete the assignment, before the portal back to the Motherland is closed and she loses her magic forever.

What Parents Need To Know About Godmothered

Godmothered has been given a rating of PG. Here is everything that parents should know about the movie, broken down by category.

Violence: Eleanor has an allergic reaction at an event, and is forcefully injected with an epipen against her will, which may frighten young children. Eleanor dumps snow on some boys’ heads after they throw a snowball at a child. Mackenzie’s boss is a mean, unethical, exploitive manager. Eleanor is removed from a building by security.

Language: No swear words were used in this film. Puns on swear words however appear throughout, such as “son of a butterscotch”. Insults such as “idiot” and “weirdo” are also used, as well as “oh my god.”

Emotional: We learn that Mackenzie’s husband previously died. A child feels like she is not good enough and that her mother doesn’t believe in her.

Sexual Content: Outside of flirting, there is no sexual content in this film.

Substance Abuse: Eleanor is asked by a woman if she is on drugs, and believes that she is. Several characters are seen drinking alcohol at a bar. Eleanor states that homeless men will allow her to stay with them if they “share knitting needles.”

Political: Disney makes a point of stating that the original idea of a fairy tale is outdated, and that love comes in all different forms (including single-parent households.) Two men are briefly shown raising a kid together. A boy as seen at the fairy godmother school wearing a dress.

Lessons / Morals: Love comes in all forms. Traditional ways of thinking sometimes need to be updated to reflect the changing world. You do not need to be in a relationship to be happy. You are free to define your own version of what happiness means to you, rather than what’s been programmed into you by society.

Other: Jokes are made about Mackenzie wearing a push-up bra and Spanx to improve her appearance. The children at times display bad attitudes and are glued to technology.

People that may be affected more strongly by this movie include:

  • Children who have lost a parent or loved one, particularly a father.
  • Children living in single-parent households.
  • Children who have social anxiety, or traumatic experiences involving public humiliation (a character with singing aspirations is mentioned as panicking every time she performs, and does so again upon stepping on a stage.)

Godmothered Review

Is Godmothered worth a watch?

I felt this movie was alright – not one that I’d probably watch again anytime soon, but engaging enough for parents to pay attention to despite turning it on for the kids.

The naivete of Eleanor is cute and combined with a silly racoon named Gary that makes an appearance throughout the film, it is sure to get some laughs from your children as well.

One of my big complaints is that the movie as a whole felt sort of rushed, particularly the ending scene. There wasn’t any big build up to it, it was almost as if the movie was getting too long, so they had to cram all of the lessons and finish all the plot lines as quickly as possible.

Other than the political aspects, it felt like Disney was trying to ‘play it safe’ and therefore didn’t push the envelope much in terms of plot. There were no moments that really made Godmothered stand out and become memorable to me. Scenes and even characters themselves felt rather bland and forgettable.

There was one way that Disney tried to teach some of the core lessons, that I felt was done really well.

Eleanor arrives in Boston thinking that she needs to add something to Mackenzie’s life – from redecorating her entire house, to finding her a new prince to love. However, none of these really help Mackenzie feel any better (in fact, they cause her to try and push Eleanor away.)

Ultimately, it is much simpler things – like catching Eleanor helping her daughter to become more confident, that really opens Mackenzie’s eyes and makes her realize that she already has everything she needs.

I am a sucker for movies that help people feel empowered. Godmothered is heartwarming, helps you feel like you can bounce back from life’s problems, believe in yourself and appreciate everything (and everyone) you already have.

Note: While the movie takes place around Christmas time, it’s not really a Christmas movie and can be enjoyed all year round.

Godmothered FAQ

What Is Godmothered Rated?

Noelle has been given a rating of ‘PG’ by the CARA. For details that parents may want to know about, refer to the section above.

What Age Is Godmothered Best Suited For?

In my opinion, Godmothered would be most appealing to kids aged 5 or older. Because the story follows the adults more than it does the kids (and some of the plot elements may be too difficult to comprehend), children under 5 may have difficulties following along or staying engaged with the plot.

Where Can You Watch The Movie Godmothered?

Godmothered is streaming online on Disney+, and does not have a DVD or Blu-Ray release announced. It is also not available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or other streaming services.

Where Was The Movie Godmothered Filmed?

Godmothered was filmed exclusively in Boston and other areas in Massachusetts, including Lowell, Marblehead, and Ipswich.

How Long Is The Movie Godmothered?

The running time for Godmothered is 1 hour and 53 minutes.

When Did The Movie Godmothered Come Out?

Godmothered was released on Disney Plus on December 4th, 2020, just in time for the holiday season.

Who Is The Cast Of Godmothered?

The cast of Godmothered’s main characters is as following:

  • Eleanor – Jillian Bell
  • Mackenzie – Isla Fisher
  • Hugh – Santiago Cabrera
  • Jane – Jillian Shea Spaeder
  • Mia – Willa Skye
  • Agnes – June Squibb
  • Paula – Mary Elizabeth Ellis
  • Moira – Jane Curtin
  • Barb – Stephnie Weir
  • Grant – Utkarsh Ambudkar


While not the highlight of Disney+, Godmothered achieves what it was trying to do.

Although it’s definitely not a Disney classic, the lighthearted and cute nature of the movie makes it an enjoyable film for the whole family to watch.

Of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts using the comment form below!


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