Returning Diapers to Walmart- Everything You Need To Know

Newborns are expected to have at least 6 wet diapers in a day by the first week of their life. It’s no wonder why a lot of parents to stock up on diapers even before their little ones are born! Having tons of diapers at home is pretty convenient, at least before it’s time to change to a different size or diaper brand.

Have you recently bought or received diapers and wondering about returning diapers to Walmart? Here’s the good news!

As per Walmart’s standard return policy, you may return or replace unopened diapers that have been bought from their store or from within 90 days with or without a receipt. Diapers that were bought in a Walmart store can only be returned in-store while the diapers that were ordered online may be returned in-store or by mail.

But wait! Before you go out to return diapers to Walmart, make sure that your item is eligible and you meet the necessary requirements. You can check about your particular case along with the things that you’ll need to bring and do on the details below.

Can you return diapers to Walmart?

Walmart’s standard return policy allows you to process for a return or exchange of almost anything that Walmart sells, including baby and adult diapers.

Can you return diapers to Walmart without a receipt?

Yes. When returning diapers without a receipt, your item will have to undergo a verification process. Follow the steps below on how to return diapers to Walmart without a receipt.

Can you return opened diapers to Walmart?

Returning opened diapers to Walmart means you are less likely to have them accepted for a return or exchange due to hygiene and sanitary protocols. However, you may try to call your local Walmart store to ask for your specific case.

Can I return diapers to Walmart received as gift?

Yes. Diapers that are received as gifts can be processed for a return as long as it qualifies under Walmart’s standard return policy.

When are you allowed to return diapers to Walmart?

You may return or exchange diapers to Walmart within 90 days after the purchase of the product. Diapers that have been purchased past the 90-day standard return policy may also be accepted for a return or exchange depending on the discretion of the Walmart store manager.

What will you need to return diapers to Walmart?

For the diapers to be eligible for return to Walmart, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Unopened pack of diapers
  • The original packaging of the diapers along with any accessories
  • Intact barcode (for scanning)
  • Store receipt, gift receipt, or online order number (whichever one applies)
  • A valid, government-issued photo ID (especially if you are returning without a receipt)
  • Your original method of payment (credit/debit card, gift card, EBT card)

How to Return Diapers to Walmart

Returning diapers to Walmart is quite easy as long as you have the required conditions and you are doing the return within 90 days after purchase. Here are the steps on how you can return items that you have bought in-store, online or received as a gift within the recommended period.

Returning diapers bought in Walmart store with receipt:

If you have a Walmart account:

To save time, you can initiate your return using your account via Walmart app or Follow the steps below:

  • Start your return in the Walmart app. You can upload your receipt on the app for a faster transaction.
  • Alternately, you may process your return through your account at
  • Choose the item and your reason for the return.
  • Select “Return to store” to generate a return barcode.
  • Review the return refund summary and submit your return.
  • Check your email for the confirmation message.
  • Bring the confirmation email with you to the store’s customer service section along with the diaper in its original packaging and accessories.

If you don’t have a Walmart account:

Even if you don’t have an account, you may start an easy return process via, following this guide below:

  • Have your receipt ready.
  • Initiate your in-store return online using Walmart’s easy returns process.
  • Select in-store.
  • Type the transaction number in your receipt and follow a few easy steps.
  • Check your email for confirmation.
  • Bring this confirmation email with you to the store along with your item.

If you want to conduct the entire return at a Walmart store

If you don’t have access to the Walmart app or website, you may follow these steps in returning directly to the physical store:

  • Bring the unopened diapers in their original packaging and accessories, your receipt, and the original form of payment you used for the purchase.
  • Head to your Walmart store’s customer service section and request for a return.
  • The purchase will usually be refunded on the original purchase method (cash, check, credit/debit card, gift card or EBT card). The timeframe will depend on the mode of payment that was used to purchase the product.
  • If the original mode of payment is unavailable, the amount will be refunded in the form of a Walmart gift card.

Returning diapers bought in Walmart store without a receipt:

  • Bring the unopened diaper in its original packaging and accessories along with a valid government-issued photo id, and your debit or credit card (if you used one to purchase the product).
  • Head to Walmart’s customer service section and request for a return.
  • Without the receipt, the item will undergo a verification scan. The purchase can be validated using your debit or credit card details. Your customer identification will be then be stored in Walmart’s secure database for authorized returns.
  • If Walmart’s verification process is successful, the diapers may be:
    • Exchanged (for example, to another size)
    • Refunded in cash if it’s less than $10
    • Refunded in the form of a Walmart shopping card or gift card if it’s worth $10 or more
    • Refunded in your debit/ credit card (if you used it as your original payment method)

Returning diapers bought online (

You may return diapers that are ordered from Walmart’s online shop by mail or by returning it to a physical store.

As per Walmart help center, here is the step-by-step process on how to return diapers that you bought online:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click your initials (found in the upper-right corner).
  • Choose “Account”.
  • Find the item you wish to return and select “Start a Return” or select “See Details” and “Return or Replace”.
  • Select the diaper that you want to return (Take note: only items that are eligible for return within the Return Policy will have the option to return).
  • Select your reason for return.
  • Choose either “Return or Replacement”; some items will be available for return only or replacement only.
  • Select “Continue”
  • Select “Return by Mail”
  • Select “Continue”
  • Refund or Replace Options:
    • For Refund—Review the summary, and select Finish
    • For Replacement—Select Finish

If you choose a replacement, the item is ordered and you will receive a confirmation email. The tracking information will be emailed once the replacement ships.

The replacement diapers will be sent to your original shipping address upon receipt of the original item at Walmart’s Returns Center, as long as the item is still in stock.

  • Print the return label and attach it to the box or package. Return the package to a FedEx or USPS location.
  • If you can’t print the label, you may return the item to any Walmart store, when eligible, for a refund.

Returning diapers received as a gift:

  • Diapers on a gift receipt can be exchanged, refunded to a Walmart gift card, or credited to the original payment method of the sender. Follow the same steps in returning diapers with a receipt mentioned above.
  • Diapers without a gift receipt can be exchanged, refunded to a Walmart gift card, or refunded as cash if it’s worth less than $10. Follow the above-mentioned procedure in returning diapers without a receipt.

How long does it take to refund returned diapers at Walmart?

If you have a receipt

If you have a receipt, your purchase will be refunded with the original payment method used to purchase the item. In most cases, refunds for receipted items are reimbursed in the following timeframe:

Cash or check

Immediately refunded as cash

Credit card

Refunded to the same credit card or to a gift card which may take up to 10 business days

Debit card with PIN

Refunded to the same debit card, gift card or cash which may take up to 7 business days

Walmart gift card

Refunded to the Walmart gift card which may take up to 3 hours

EBT card

Refunded to the EBT card which may take up to 3 hours

If without receipt

Refunding diapers without a receipt will depend on the verification process. In-store purchases without a receipt may be verified using the original debit/credit card used while online orders can also be verified using the phone number or email address used to order the diapers.

Once verified, refunds may be processed back to the original debit/credit card which may take up to 10 business days. Refunds to a gift card or cash may be given right after the verification is successfully processed.


So overall, returning diapers to Walmart is easy, especially now that you can initiate the process online or through the Walmart app. All you have to do is make sure that your item is eligible for return, bring or submit the requirements, follow some easy steps, and wait for your diapers to be replaced or refunded.


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