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10 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Try Out

Trying to plan the perfect baby shower? Coming up with baby shower games everyone will enjoy isn’t easy. It can take a lot of creativity to come up fun baby-related game ideas for everyone involved. So, if you are struggling to find inspiration then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here, you’ll discover 10 awesome baby shower games you’ll actually enjoy playing!

1. Guess The Baby

If you’re looking for a little ice-breaker game, Guess the Baby is definitely a great one to play. Each guest brings a photo of themselves as a baby. When they arrive at the shower, give the photos a random number and pin them up on the wall. It’s worth noting here that the guests shouldn’t see the other photos being handed over!

Once all of the photos have been pinned up, your guests can take it in turns to look at them, and then write down who they think each photo belongs to. Once all of the guests have written down their answers, mark how many they got right. The winner is the guest who got the most matches.

Another variation of this game could be to guess the famous baby. Have photos either of celebrities as babies, or of babies of celebrities. Then, see how many your guests can get right. This simple game is surprisingly fun to play, and you could choose to give the winner a little prize to make it even more exciting.

2. Diaper Changing Race – Blindfolded!

When baby comes along, you’re going to need to change a lot of diapers. So, why not see which of your friends and family could potentially help you with the diaper changing race!

You’ll need some dolls for this game, along with diapers to change them into. You’re also going to need a blindfold. Adding the blindfold adds a lot more fun to this game, and a little hilarity at the same time. The goal is for your guests to attempt to change baby’s diaper as quickly as possible without being able to see. The winner is the person who manages to change the diaper the fastest.

3. Pacifier Bobbing

Remember how fun apple bobbing is at Halloween? Well, why not bring that excitement to your baby shower? Pacifier bobbing is a hilarious variation of this popular game, where guests attempt to grab the pacifiers in their mouths with their hands behind their backs.

You can play this game in a number of ways. Either set the rules so whoever manages to grab the most pacifiers wins, or assign a small prize for each pacifier, giving each guest the chance to win something.

4. Taste Testing Baby Food

Taste tests are always a fun game to play, ideally when you’re blindfolded. So, why not bring this popular game into your baby shower?

Purchase different types of baby food and then get your guests to see if they can identify what the food is supposed to be. Give them a point for each one that they get right, then see who scored the most at the end.

5. The “I Said So” Game

Growing up, most of us have been given at least one piece of hilarious parenting advice from our parents or guardians. Think back to something your parents have said to you when you were younger, that looking back on it as an adult is now pretty funny. Get your guests to do the same thing and write it down before folding the paper up and placing them in a bowl.

After mixing them around, pick out the pieces of paper, reading out the advice written down. Then, guess who wrote it and have them explain a little more about the story behind the advice. It’s a great game that’s sure to make everyone laugh.

6. The Diaper Raffle

This game is pretty clever as not only is it fun to play, but it’s also going to help the mom-to-be stock up on something she’s really going to need – diapers!

The Diaper Raffle game encourages guests to bring a pack of diapers to the baby shower. Those who do receive a raffle ticket. At some point during the shower, hold the raffle by picking out a random ticket out of a bowl. Whoever has that ticket wins a prize.

7. Twister – Balloon Baby Style

This is a game mom-to-be will need to sit out. However, she’ll have just as much fun watching the hilarity that pursues with this great balloon baby twister game. It’s basically Twister, only the participants have balloons stuck up their tops. They need to try and play the game without losing or popping their balloon. Those who do lose their balloons, are automatically out of the game. The winner is the last person to hold onto their balloon.

8. Baby Shower Feud

If you’re a fan of the popular game show Family Feud, you’re going to love this baby variation. You can actually buy it online at a really affordable cost, or you could potentially make your own.

The one you can buy online comes in a downloadable PowerPoint presentation which is designed to be projected onto the wall. There are 10 questions, all relating to babies and parenting. You and your guests then need to work out what the top answers are.

9. The Baby-Safe Drinking Game

You might not be able to, or even want to, serve alcohol at the baby shower. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun drinking game. Invest in some plastic, cheap baby bottles and fill them with a drink of your choice. Then, the winner is the first one to down the drink.

10. Nursery Art

If you’re yet to decorate your nursery, this fun-filled game is a great idea. Give each guest a canvas and some drawing or painting supplies, then get them to create a picture which can be hung in the nursery. This isn’t about creating masterpieces! The artwork doesn’t need to be perfect, or even very good. It’s just a fun, creative way to decorate your nursery. It’s also quite special, as your baby will grow up with artwork created by their loved ones on their walls.


So, there you have it – 10 awesome baby shower games you’ll definitely want to play. Some of them may be quite simple, but you’ll be surprised how fun they are to play.

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