Top Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Parents

Desperate to get a good night’s sleep? One of the most challenging parts of becoming a new parent, is adjusting to what feels like zero sleep. Before you know it, you’re exhausted, emotional and your sanity starts to feel like it’s slowly sinking deep into the abyss. While it’s normal for new parents to be constantly exhausted, that certainly doesn’t make it any easier!

The good news is, this sleep deprivation you’re feeling now isn’t going to last forever. Before you know it, you’ll be getting those precious eight hours of sleep you long for. However, in the meantime to save your sanity and help ease your exhausted mind, below you’ll discover some top baby sleep tips from the experts you can follow.

Discover How To Move Baby To Crib Without Waking Them

One of the key challenges you may face when trying to put baby down for a nap, is that they wake up as soon as you put them into their crib. It’s an extremely frustrating problem which can prove difficult to figure out. However, there is a way to make sure you don’t wake baby when moving them to their crib.

Firstly, pay attention to baby’s eyes. If you see them moving around underneath the eyelids while they have their eyes closed, it means they are in a deep sleep. This means it’s generally safe to move them to the crib. However, you’ll also want to carry out the arm test. Gently and slowly lift baby’s arm a little and let it drop. If your baby doesn’t stir, it’s safe to transition them into the crib without waking them.

A final tip here, is to keep one hand on baby’s tummy and one on their back as you place them into the crib. This will maintain even pressure on baby’s body, reducing the likelihood they will wake up. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure you’re placing them in the crib gently and slowly.

Make Sure You’re Snacking On The Right Foods

Did you know what you eat before bed can determine how well you actually sleep? It’s not just baby that needs help getting to sleep at night. When you’ve had a frantic day, your mind can struggle to switch off, even when it’s tired. So, you may find it useful to have a sleep-inducing snack.

You’ll want to eat foods which contain Tryptophan as this is known to aid with sleep. Turkey, nuts and cheese all contain Tryptophan, so enjoying a little of these foods as part of your nighttime routine may help you to drift off a little quicker. You can also focus on foods with calcium as this is also known to have a calming effect on the mind. Or, and this is probably a suggestion you’d prefer, you can snack on dark chocolate as it is known to boost serotonin, which is renowned for helping the mind to calm and get into sleep mode.

Master The Art Of Power Naps

One of the most common tips you’ll be offered as a new parent, is to sleep when baby sleeps. This is actually really good advice! While it’s tempting to try and get things done when baby is sleeping, you’ll end up feeling utterly exhausted if you aren’t getting enough sleep yourself.

Even if you only manage to have 20 minutes sleep, you’ll be surprised how much more awake you feel. Sometimes the brain just needs a little power nap for it to be able to function properly throughout the day.

Try Giving Baby A Massage

Some parents swear by baby massages, claiming they really help their little one to fall asleep. It makes sense, given how relaxing massages can be. However, you really need to know what you’re doing if you plan on giving your baby a massage!

If you do it wrong, you’ll most likely end up irritating baby. So, it’s best to do a little research and look up baby massage techniques for sleep. You’ll be able to find some great instructional videos on sites such as YouTube.

Change Their Diaper Before Bed

One reason baby may wake up during the night, is if you need to change their diaper. Even if baby is super-sleepy, if you try and change their diaper in the middle of the night, you can be sure it’s going to wake them up.

So, it’s worth changing baby’s diaper right before you put them down for bed. That way, if they do need to relieve themselves during the night, there is less chance it will wake them as you won’t necessarily need to change their diaper until the morning.

Invest In A LED Push Night Light

If you do need to go into baby’s room during the night, an LED push night light is a great investment. The trouble with turning the main light on, is that it can properly wake baby up. The bright light can make them feel like it’s daytime, signaling their brain to wake up and making it less likely they will fall back asleep.

An LED push night light is a lot dimmer, so there’s more chance your little one will be able to drop back off.

Prepare Baby’s Crib With A Hot Water Bottle

Did you know your baby may wake up when you put them down in the crib due to a change in temperature? If they’ve been lying in your arms, their body will be used to the warmth. So, when you put them down into a cold crib, it’s likely the change in temperature could make their body more awake.

A great way to combat this issue is to warm up their crib with a hot water bottle. That way, when you transition them from your arms into the crib, they’re going to be comforted by the warmth. Don’t forget to take the hot water bottle out before you put baby down in the crib as otherwise it could pose a serious safety hazard.


These are just some of the best baby sleep tips you can try out when you’re exhausted. It’s not easy adjusting to life with very little sleep. However, if you follow the tips above it can make your life that little more bearable. Just remember, this is only a phase and it won’t last forever. Sometimes just knowing this sleepless phase will pass is enough to keep you sane.

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