Taking Your Baby On Their First Summer Vacation - 10 Top TipsHeading off on your first summer vacation with baby needn’t be as stressful and daunting as you think. There’s lots of tips you can follow to ensure you both have a memorable time for all of the right reasons!

Whether you’re thinking of heading off on a short beach getaway, or you’re heading to a faraway tropical paradise, there are ways to make it fun and relaxing. Here, you’ll discover 10 tips for taking baby on their first summer vacation.

1. Pack Way In Advance

The earlier you start packing, the less chance there is that you’ll forget something. The last thing you need is to be stuck in an unfamiliar place without your essentials! So, start to pack at least a month before you leave if possible.

It helps to write a list of all of the things you’re going to need. That way, you can tick them off as you go, reducing the risk of forgetting anything. Also, if you pack a little each day, it leaves you with less to do once the actual day comes to leave for your vacation.

2. Ensure They Have Their Own Passport

If you are venturing abroad, don’t forget your baby is going to need their own passport. This can take a considerable amount of time, so the earlier you sort it out, the better. Along with the passport, you’ll need a photo of baby.

If you’re travelling within the US, you won’t typically need a passport for your little one. If they’re under two years of age and they’ll be sitting on your lap, airlines will usually allow baby to travel for free and without a passport. However, it is worth checking with the airline before booking.

3. Research The Area

Wherever you’re choosing to go, you’ll find it really useful to research the area. You need to know where the nearest restaurants, baby changing facilities and emergency services are located. You can also look to see which baby-friendly attractions are in the area.

Knowing as much as you can about where you’ll be staying will help to make the vacation much more relaxed. You won’t get lost or find yourself stuck without the things you’ll need. It can also provide you with great peace of mind, lowering your stress levels!

4. Look Out For Hotels With Separate Sleeping Areas

If you’re staying in a hotel, you may wish to opt for a room with separate sleeping areas. It’s likely you’ll want to stay up for a while after setting your baby down to sleep. Trying to watch television in the same room as a sleeping baby isn’t fun! So, see which hotels feature separate sleeping areas.

5. Ensure You Take Adequate Sun Protection

Unless you’re travelling to a snowy country, you’re going to need to ensure you purchase adequate sun protection once you’re there. The additional heat is going to be difficult enough for you to deal with. However, it’s even worse for baby’s delicate skin!

They’re going to need loose-fitting, light colored cotton clothing, along with a baby-friendly sunscreen. Remember, if your little one is under six months of age, you won’t be able to use sun lotion to keep the skin protected. So, this needs to be taken into account if you’re planning on heading somewhere particularly sunny.

It’s best to keep baby out of direct sunlight during peak times. If you’re travelling to a foreign country, be sure to research when the peak times are.

6. Understand What You Can And Cannot Take With You

If you are travelling abroad, another thing you’re going to need to look into is what you’re allowed to take with you. There may be limits on the amount of baby formula you can take for example. Your baby needs a lot of things, so if you can’t take them with you, you’re going to need to know where you can pick them up once you arrive.

You’ll also want to establish whether you can take things such as a baby carrier. Whatever your baby needs, always double check it’s allowed on the plane.

7. Take Plenty Of Entertainment For Baby

There’s going to be times you need to distract your little one while you’re on vacation. They’re not just going to get potentially grouchy on the plane! A tablet with cartoons, books and toys, will all help to keep baby distracted.

Obviously, you don’t want to take their entire toy collection. However, a few familiar toys should be enough to keep them entertained until you arrive. Then, you can always pick up a couple of new ones while you’re on vacation.

8. Make Your Accommodation Feel Like Home

Once you arrive at your accommodation, it’s a good idea to make a few changes to make it feel like home. This could include setting up your baby’s travel crib or bassinet and setting up a changing station. Bring your baby’s favorite blanket if you are using a travel crib so they feel safe and reassured.

9. Don’t Attempt To Do Too Much In One Day

It’s going to be tempting to pack as much into your first few days as possible. However, this is a really bad idea. You may think it will act as a nice distraction for baby, but in reality, they’re likely to become overtired and grouchy.

Stick to just one or two attractions and always aim to stay out for short periods at a time. Before you go, make a list of the most important attractions you don’t want to miss, then aim to visit one each day.

Similarly, if you’re heading off on a beach vacation, try to avoid spending longer than an hour on the beach.

10. Stick To Your Baby’s Normal Routine

One tip that’s going to make a huge amount of difference, is sticking to your baby’s normal routine as much as possible. The less disruption there is to their routine, the happier baby is going to be. You’ll also find it much easier to get them back into a routine once you arrive back home.


As you can see, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare taking your baby on their first summer vacation. The tips above can help to make it much less stressful, helping you to simply enjoy your first vacation together.

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