Everyone is looking forward to welcoming the newest member of your all-star team. And what’s a better way to do it than by creating a basketball themed baby shower?

Basketball is the perfect theme for expecting dads who are basketball players or the parents-to-be who simply love the sport. It’s one creative way to introduce your future MVP to your close relatives and friends.

Baby Shower Basketball Ideas

So are you now thinking about a basketball baby shower for your upcoming baby boy? Here are some basic things you’ll need.

Basketball baby shower invitations

There are a couple of ways on how to make your baby shower invitation extra special. Since you’re planning for a basketball-themed party, it will be great to stick with basketball or sports-related designs for your invitations. This is also a way to give your guests a hindsight of what will be expected for your baby shower.

Below are some ideas on how to create your baby shower invitations:

DIY invitations

If you’re the creative type, making a do-it-yourself invitation would best showcase your skills. You can use cut-outs that are shaped like a basketball, a basketball net, or a basketball jersey. Add up some strings and colorful paper to decorate your invitation. You can buy some of this decorative stuff online or from your nearest crafts shop. Inside, you can even write your notes by hand for a more personal touch.

Ready-made invitations

Using ready-made invitations that you can order online is a great idea if you don’t have much time to craft or you just want to be more practical in terms of time and effort. There are lots of basketball baby shower invitation templates to choose from and you can easily pick one to suit your desired party theme. One trendy design is an invitation that resembles a basketball game ticket. Most of these invitations are customizable to include the information about your baby shower.

Digital invitations

If you don’t have the luxury to personally hand over your invitation or you simply want to be innovative and practical, it is best to consider digital invitations. These templates can be downloaded, edited and sent straight from your computer. It is also a great idea in sending last-minute invitations or inviting guests from distant places. By sending them via the internet, you’re sure to inform everyone about your forthcoming baby shower and you’ll more likely receive real-time responses on their availability to attend the event.

Basketball baby shower centerpieces

The next thing to plan for is the centerpieces for your table. Your chosen centerpieces should match your theme, so it may include basketball hoops, basketballs of different sizes, and trophies. To soften the overall look and make it more ideal for a baby shower, you can also place a stuffed animal that resembles the mascot of your favorite basketball team.

Basketball baby shower cake

What’s more eye-striking in a baby shower than the party cake? Choose a basketball baby shower cake that will perfectly match your theme and your taste buds. However, not every baby shower cake should be edible. Practical parents may feature a hand-made diaper cake that doubles as a good table centerpiece too.

Basketball baby shower backdrop

To highlight your theme, you’ll need a nice backdrop to match your table. Touch up your plain wall with basketball cut-outs. You can also buy some adhesive stickers to spell out the name of your baby boy or even create a huge initial letter like “A” to signify the name of your baby.

Basketball baby shower decorations

If you want to have some additional decorations, it is great to buy some items that you can still use after the party is over. One idea is to fasten a clothesline across the party venue and hang several baby clothes or items that match your basketball theme. You can buy some bodysuits with basketball or numbered jersey designs as well as socks, mittens, and bibs that are colored white, orange and soft blue.

Basketball baby shower games

After food and greetings, the next most exciting event comes – the baby shower games! Plan for some basketball-themed games for your guests to enjoy.

A classic game in baby showers is the “guess the price right” game. Here, you can place several baby items inside a designed basket and let your guests calculate the prices based on their instincts. The guest who gives the closest answer will win.

Another unique idea is to have a raffle. Here, you’ll need to indicate in your invitation that a raffle will be held at the party, and you’ll ask them to bring something useful in exchange for a raffle ticket. For example, you can ask a pack of diapers, a box of baby wipes, or a set of baby toiletries that will be brought to the party. It’s a practical, yet fun way to entertain your guests.

Basketball baby shower favors

Lastly, you’ll want something to thank your guests and make them remember this memorable event in your life. Find some party favors that match your party theme and will become useful for your party guests in the future. A mini basketball stress ball is one. For extra creative packaging, you can use a party favor cup filled with sweets and top it up with a stress ball. Finally, attach a printed sticker with your “thank you message” and the date of the event.

Recommended Products To Buy

Now that your plan is all set, it’s time to search for the items that you’ll need to turn this basketball themed baby shower into a reality. You can search online for a variety of baby shower decorations and party favors, but to narrow down your choices, here are some items that we highly recommend for your upcoming party.

Basketball Nursery Wall Art

Basketball Wall Art

Make a basketball-themed backdrop like a pro with these premium vinyl wall decals. They are ready-made and adhesive so you’ll simply peel off each basketball design and stick it to your preferred location. These vinyl basketball stickers are ideal for both outdoor and indoor venues.

This basketball vinyl wall art is perfect if you’re after durability and practicability. When your party is over, you can easily remove and reuse them to decorate your little MVP’s nursery.

Baby Baller Bodysuit

Baby Baller Basketball Themed Bodysuit

This basketball themed baby outfit is sure to complement your baby shower decorations. You can simply hang it along with your other basketball-themed baby items to add a unique touch of reusable party decors. You can choose from soft blue or white bodysuit or even have them both for your future basketball player.

Basketball Baby Shower Ticket Invitations

These orange and blue basketball-themed invitations can serve as VIP passes to your all-star baby shower. The details of your baby shower and your baby’s initials can be customized on the invitation. These custom-made invitations are sure to make your guests feel extra special.

Basketball Diaper Raffle Tickets

Parents-to-be need to stack up on diapers. So why not try a diaper raffle game for your guests? Send these basketball diaper raffle tickets together with your invitation and you’re sure to receive tons of diapers to secure your baby’s nappy needs. In return, the lucky guest will bring home a special prize from your memorable event.

Basketball Party Favor Boxes

Check out these mini basketball favor boxes that can also double as complimentary party decors for your table. You can easily fill these boxes with sweet treats like candies and chocolates. Alternately, you might be interested in a taller version of basketball favor boxes (pictured above) which are also ideal to serve popcorn, or if you need a larger space for your party treats.

Mini Basketball Stress Balls

Basketball Stress Balls

Comes in a set of 12, these adorable basketball stress balls are a nice topper for your chosen party favor. These stress-relief balls are useful souvenirs for your guests and can complement your basketball theme very well.


So are you now ready to throw that basketball themed baby shower? Go on and invite your relatives, friends, and co-workers for an all-star party to welcome the soon-to-be athlete in your family.

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