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10 Unexpected Uses For Baby Burp ClothsBaby burp cloths may not be an exciting purchase, but you might just be surprised by how invaluable they can be!

Not only will you use them for what feels like a million times a day to wipe babies sick and drool, but they can also prove useful for other things too. Once they’ve exceeded their use as a spit-up cloth, they can be repurposed in a huge number of ways. Here, you’ll discover some awesome inventive uses for baby burp cloths to ensure you get the most out of them.

1. Cleaning

Did you know burp cloths make an awesome cleaning tool? Whether it’s wiping down surfaces, cleaning up spills, or polishing – they can be used to clean the entire house. What’s more, unlike the majority of actual cleaning cloths on the market, these are totally re-usable. Just stick them in the wash to get them clean again.

So, they could save you a lot of money in the long-term and prove useful all around the house.

2. Towels

As burp cloths are designed to be ultra-absorbent, it’s unsurprising they make excellent towels. Now, obviously you’re not going to be able to use them to towel yourself off after a shower, but they could be used for drying baby, or even drying your hands.

3. A Soothing Diaper Rash Cloth

One of the more unique uses for burping cloths is to use them to wipe baby’s bottom when they have a diaper rash. Diaper rashes are pretty common, and they can be really uncomfortable for your little one. Standard wipes can actually sting, so swapping them for an old, damp burp cloth could be much nicer for baby.

Damp them with warm water and use them to wipe baby’s bottom after changing. This will soothe and clean the skin without causing irritation.

4. Place Mats

Another unusual use for old burp cloths is place mats. Once your little one reaches that dreaded toddler stage, you’ll quickly discover mealtimes can get extremely messy! Using the burp cloths as place mats can help to control spills. They’re especially great for using when your toddler is eating liquid-based foods such as soup.

As an additional benefit, you could also use the burp cloth as a bib, preventing the need to change your toddler after they’ve eaten (it’s more common than you might think).

5. Changing Pad

When it comes to changing baby on-the-go, it can be pretty stressful. You usually need to rely upon those disposable changing pads sold in local stores. While these are pretty absorbent and extremely useful, it can prove costly if you’re out with baby quite a lot. This doesn’t just potentially harm your wallet, but it’s also not great for the environment either. Burp cloths can prove to be an excellent alternative.

They’re so absorbent and they can simply be washed in-between uses. Just be sure to wash them separately from baby’s clothing!

6. Pet Cleanup

If you’ve got pets, burp cloths can also be great at cleaning up their mess too. You can place them under food and water bowls to catch any potential spillage. Use them to wipe away mucky pawprints and potentially clean up hair into a pile ready to be picked up.

Another pet-related use for burp cloths is to tie several of them together and use them as a pull toy for dogs, or a toy your cat can chase around.

7. A Comforter

All babies have their own personal favorite when it comes to comforters. But what if their favorite blanket or toy isn’t available? Burp cloths can prove surprisingly great at comforting your little one temporarily. You never know, they may even become so attached to it that it becomes their new comfort blanket.

8. For Runny Noses

Your baby may have stopped drooling a lot, especially after they’ve finished teething, but you can bet their nose hasn’t stopped! Runny noses are really common in babies and toddlers and it can prove surprisingly expensive to keep buying and using wipes or tissues. The absorbent nature of burp cloths makes them awesome for runny noses.

So, like the changing pad idea, this one is also great for both your wallet and the environment.

9. Washcloths

Due to their size and absorbency, burp cloths can make excellent washcloths. Whether it’s for yourself, or baby, they can be used time and time again. They even prove invaluable for cleaning up those dreaded poonami’s!

10. Diapers

Finally, it’s quite common for parents to use their old or spare burp cloths as diapers. They’re not far off the same design as cloth diapers, so using them as an alternative can be cost effective and convenient. They’re guaranteed to be gentle on baby’s skin, but you will need to wash them frequently.


These are just 10 inventive uses for baby burp cloths. There are so many ways these incredible cloths can be repurposed. Why not try out some of the ideas above, or share your own tips for alternative ways to use them below.

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  1. You’re right by saying that there are a lot of uses of burp clothes. For the fact that we have such occasions where we might want to clean the table or need a little clothes to wipe out some surfaces, these burp clothes can really come handy at such moments which is great as well.

    1. Oh yes, repurposing them as cleaning pads for any surface is wise because they are very good at absorbing spills, even dust. Very useful indeed for cleaning.

      1. That’s what we use at our homes and it’s economical instead of having to spend extra money in getting a normal towel. I’ve come to notice that one can save more by making use of it for different purposes at home.

  2. We have a lot of baby burp cloths (I was not aware of this name though, I called it baby apron). The only resuing method I could think of was to donate it to new parents (I was thinking to give it to my brother who is expecting a baby in a few months). However, the ideas presented here are really useful.

    1. Giving your baby’s burp cloths to new parents is also a helpful way of repurposing them. I’m sure the new parents will find them useful, too, and that also means they get to save money and use it for some other baby needs.

  3. Very useful baby burp cloths in the baby.and you can share this in your family.very nice idea and more save in your money!

    1. Yes, that is true Mayflor. Re-using burp cloths is a money-saving idea so if you have any of those lying around, feel free to use them as suggested in the article 🙂

  4. .baby burp cloth is soo useful for our baby’s.You need to be more initiative for this. (I have to share something)
    Before when i was a baby, i keep on looking my diapper. And i ask my mother.
    (Mom what diapper did you used for me when i was a baby?)
    My mom answered.
    That is a flour sacks.
    See i can realy imagine. that a sacks of flour..usefull cloth to be a baby burp cloth.

    1. Yes, I have heard that some moms use flour sacks as diapers. That means your mom is creative. Imagine being able to convert a cloth that seems useless to something like a diaper that a baby can use every day. I’m sure she saved a lot of money from buying disposable diapers 🙂

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