5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Pregnancy Weight GainOne of the main things women dread when it comes to pregnancy, is weight gain. You spend what feels like your entire life trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight. So, the thought of gaining weight over the next nine months and knowing how hard it can be to lose, is understandably worrying.

However, did you know weight gain during pregnancy can actually be a good thing? Here, you’ll discover 5 reasons you’ll want to start celebrating and appreciating piling on the pounds when you’re pregnant.

1. It’s Important For Baby

The main reason you put on weight, is to support your growing baby. They need to put on a good amount of weight as they’re growing to ensure they’re healthy. Women who don’t put on enough weight during pregnancy, have an increased chance of delivering their baby early. The baby could also be born with a particularly low birthweight which puts them at a high risk for complications.

So, the next time you feel like complaining about your pregnancy weight gain, remember, your baby needs it!

2. You’ll Develop Awesome Breasts

Of course, if you have breasts you’re already proud of, this one doesn’t really apply to you. However, for those who long for bigger and fuller breasts, your prayers will be answered!

Experts claim most women gain up to two pounds in their breasts alone. It’s largely down to tissue swelling and fluid. The increase in estrogen also temporarily causes the breasts to enlarge. They’re basically preparing for breastfeeding, but before baby comes along, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them while they last!

3. A Butt To Be Proud Of

Your breasts aren’t the only body part which is going to expand when you’re pregnant. You’ll also notice your butt gets substantially bigger too. Initially, this can be devastating. However, the attitude towards a bigger rear has changed dramatically over the years. These days, a big butt is seen as an attractive asset.

Like your breasts, your butt expansion is only temporary. However, rather than seeing it as a bad thing, celebrate the fact you now have a J-Lo butt to be proud of. Some women are out there right now, going under the knife to have butt implants inserted. Yours is 100% natural and if you really don’t like it, it is only temporary, unlike the implants.

4. You Get To Blame It On The Hormones

A common reason why women put on weight during pregnancy is because they’re eating for two. Cravings can be pretty hard to resist, but they do give you an excuse for eating treats you’d otherwise avoid.

When you start to put on weight, or you’re caught red handed biting into a chocolate cake, you can totally blame it on the hormones. Nobody gets on your case when you’re putting weight on during pregnancy.

Just remember, although a few treats are great, you’ll still want to avoid eating too many extra calories. You may be getting a free pass now, but once baby has arrived, if you’ve put too much weight on it’s going to be tricky to shift it.

5. It’s Only Temporary

Following on from the last benefit, always remember that pregnancy weight gain is only temporary. Provided you haven’t gone overboard on the sugary and high-carb snacks, you should find the weight naturally drops off months after the birth.

So, if you do start to feel bad about your constantly expanding body, repeat the mantra “this is only temporary” over and over again. It will make you feel better I promise!

Now you know some of the benefits pregnancy weight gain can deliver. However, it may also help to know how the weight gain is distributed.

Understanding How The Weight Is Distributed

When you’re gaining weight during pregnancy, it’s easy to assume it’s all body fat. However, the truth is most of the weight you’re gaining has nothing to do with fat.

Your growing baby weighs around 7.5lbs, while stored fat used for breastfeeding takes up 8lbs. An increased blood supply and other fluids make up an extra 8lbs in total, while your breast tissue weighs 2.5 lbs. The uterus and amniotic fluid also weigh 2lbs each.  This is estimated, but it does provide a good idea of how the weight is distributed.

Seeing that it isn’t all fat can make you feel a lot better about the weight you’re gaining. After all, everyone knows that fluid is much easier to lose than body fat. Once you’ve given birth, a lot of this weight will start to drop off, especially as your blood supply goes back to normal and baby is no longer there to weigh you down. Did you know your blood supply can increase by as much as 50% when you’re pregnant? That’s a lot of additional blood so naturally it’s going to add weight.

The stored fat for breastfeeding will remain until you basically stop breastfeeding. So, this is the type of pregnancy weight you’ll be left with the longest.


So, gaining weight during pregnancy doesn’t look so bad now does it? As long as you don’t over-indulge, and you gain a healthy amount of weight, you should find it disappears not too long after giving birth. You might actually find you miss your enlarged breasts and butt once they’re gone!

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