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Top Christmas Craft Ideas For ToddlersIt’s the final week before Christmas and what better way to get into the festive spirit than creating Christmas crafts with your toddler? Not only can Christmas crafts help to keep your little one busy, but they also provide the perfect bonding experience.  

In years to come, you can look back on these precious moments and treasure the memories you made together. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some of the top Christmas craft ideas for toddlers. Keep in mind, caution will be required when working with scissors and other potentially dangerous tools. Never leave your toddler unsupervised when creating any of the crafts below. 

Fun Christmas Tree Decorations

Let your toddler get involved in the trimming of the Christmas tree by creating their own decorations. There’s a huge number of decorations they can create (with a little help from you of course) and they’ll love seeing their own creations on the tree. Even if you’ve had your tree up for weeks now, it’s never too late to add an extra decoration.  

There’s a lot of different Christmas tree decorations you and your toddler can create. Tissue wreaths are a great example. All you need to do is cut out a wreath shape using cardboard, then stick different colored tissue paper to cover it. Once that’s done, you can add a little bow to the top. They’re colorful, fun to make and you can either stick them to the wall, or hang it from a little string on the tree. 

Another great idea is to invest in a plain, clear bauble. You can carefully remove the top, then fill it with fake snow and small items of your toddler’s choosing (LEGO bricks or foam shapes for example). Then, place the top back on and hang the new decoration on the tree.  

Our final idea is to create a Christmas tree decoration made out of popsicle sticks. You’ll need to start by gluing popsicle sticks together to form a triangle shape. Paint that green and attack a slightly thicker piece of cardboard to form the trunk. The popsicle tree can be decorated with foam shapes or even pom poms. 

All of these ideas are quick and simple and super toddler-friendly.  

Create Bubble Wrap Christmas Stockings

Ok, so you’re not going to be able to actually put anything into these DIY stockings, but they still make a fantastic ornament and they’re really fun to make. You’ll need some white cardboard to create the shape of a stocking, bubble wrap and different colored toddler-friendly paints.  

After cutting out the shape of a stocking, dip a small piece of bubble wrap into the paint, then place it against the cardboard stocking. Dip another piece of bubble wrap into a different color paint, then repeat the same step as you did before. The stocking will end up with small bubbles of different colors. You can add your toddler’s name to the finished product before hanging it onto the fireplace or anywhere else that it can take pride of place in the home.  

Santa Stars

If you’re looking for something adorable you and your toddler can create, Santa Stars are perfect. This is a really popular toddler Christmas craft idea and it isn’t hard to see why. You can see the finished product here, as well as full instructions on how to create them.  

They’re typically used to hang from garlands, but you can attach them to anything you want. This idea is so simple but it’s so much fun to do. The only things you’ll need include red paper or card, cotton wool, pink paper or card, scissors, glue and a black pen.  

Sock Snowmen

Another adorable toddler Christmas craft is the sock snowman. This is actually a great idea to make use of any odd white socks you may have. The only thing to note with this craft is its original design is suitable for children aged 5+. So, in order to make it toddler friendly, you’re going to need to skip a few materials.  

The original instructions state you need a white sock, scissors, yarn, a glue gun and rice to fill the snowman. So, to make it toddler friendly, you’ll want to avoid the glue gun and rice. You can use toddler-friendly glue and fill the snowman with something that isn’t going to pose a choking hazard if it rips open. Find the instructions here, and remember to tailor it to fit your toddler’s age.   

Not only are they great fun to make, but your toddler will have plenty of fun playing with them afterwards too. So, if you’re looking for a craft that’s going to provide maximum enjoyment, this is definitely the one to focus on! 

Delicious Graham Cracker Houses

What child can resist building a gingerbread house? The only trouble is, gingerbread houses can be tricky and time consuming to build. However, did you know that a good alternative is to use Graham crackers and frosting? 

You can either create the house yourself and then let your toddler decorate it, or you can make them together. You don’t need a lot of ingredients, just two different types of Graham crackers, a serrated knife (obviously not to be used by your toddler!), royal icing and an icing bag. You can create your own icing bag just using a plastic sandwich bag if you’d prefer. 

Get the full list of instructions here.    

Freestyle Crafting

The above ideas are great, but you can’t beat letting your toddler use their imagination. Freestyle crafting encourages your little one to create absolutely anything they desire. Provide them with as many different materials as you can and watch them get to work. 

You’ll need something they can create their masterpiece on such as colored or white card. Then give them little tubs of crayons, pencils, foam shapes, paint and glitter. Remember to watch them around the glitter and glue if you are providing it. You could even let them create their own Christmas cards using this idea.  


The above are just some of the great Christmas crafts you can do with your toddler. There’s bound to be at least one idea there that you can take advantage of. Do you have your own ideas you’d like to share with other parents? Let us know below!

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  1. These are such great ideas! The holiday season has always been a festive time in our house growing up, although we never had the opportunity to get creative and make our own crafts. I enjoy crafting as well and wanted to get a few ideas to help my children get involved and excited with the holiday spirit!

    I have five little ones, ages seven and below and they are really into getting their hands messy and decorating. We already plan to decorate gingerbread houses in a few days. I know we have a few spare socks lying around that the matching pair has gone missing during wash days, so sock snowmen will be up on our list of To-Dos in the following days. 🙂

    Another idea I have found that would be perfect for even younger children is a felt Christmas tree. You get a green piece of felt large enough to cut out a Christmas tree (probably 3 feet tall) that you tape onto your wall. You will need other pieces of felt to cut out present boxes, ornaments, candy canes, etc. that the child can then stick onto their felt Christmas tree and can decorate themselves. It is simple too because felt sticks to felt! This idea has helped me a lot because before they had their own tree, most of the ornaments on our real tree ended up all over the floor from little hands wanting to play and decorate.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. It’s wonderful to know you find these craft ideas really fun for your kids! We hope you enjoyed doing them, after all, Christmas is really for the children.

      My two young daughters also love to decorate so we do it every year and they’re just thrilled every time we put up the tree and decors.

      Thank you for sharing your felt paper Christmas tree idea. I think we’ll try that next year.

      Happy holidays!

  2. Christmas is always a very wonderful season for me and my family, we take part collectively in doing everything during this period as one family bound with love and happiness. We have already gotten and decorated our Christmas tree and wired the entire house with Christmas lights and jingle bell songs playing automatically immediately the door is opened.

    My little really enjoyed the decoration of the Christmas tree, they simply cannot get enough. I woke up one morning and saw our youngest niece still going to tie one of Santa stars on the tree. She really loves decorating.

    1. I swear I could feel the love and happiness from your comment. In a world where most people are busy with careers or businesses, the family bonding moment you described is like a hot chocolate in a very cold winter – so comforting. I could just imagine how lovely your Christmas-decorated house is.

      Happy holidays!

  3. Allow the toddler to partake in creating the Christmas is just the perfect to help the little one enjoy the period of Christmas and one more thing about that is the power of creativity involving in such activity will build in them which is awesome.

    1. @Henrywrites I wasn’t fortunate to spend this Christmas seasons with my family members because of running the family business. I was away but I partook in everything they did through pictures. In the pictures, I saw some of my cousins decorating the Christmas tree with excitement all over their faces. One of them was even caught on camera napping beside the Christmas tree.

      1. That’s good to hear considering the fact that technology has made things to be easier and better than back in the days when it is hard to connect with friends even on a normal call. I’m glad to know that you really had fun during the Christmas period @Martinsx

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