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The Funniest And Most Bizarre Reasons Toddlers Throw TantrumsTantrums are something you know to expect once the dreaded toddler years arrive. However, what you don’t expect are the things which can actually trigger these full-on meltdowns.

You see, to a toddler, absolutely anything can feel like it’s the end of the world. Something which seems so trivial to you can feel like a massive deal to your little one. The battles you’ll face the ridiculous things can end up leaving you feeling like you’re going insane.

This is why many parents have started to see the funny side of these trivial yet epic meltdowns. Seeing the humor in the situation can really help you to keep your sanity. Here, we’ll look at some of the funniest and most bizarre reasons toddlers throw tantrums to show you you’re really not alone.

Not Going Somewhere That They Didn’t Want To Go To

There’s a lot of ridiculous reasons toddler’s throw tantrums, but this is by far one of the most common. You’ve planned on going somewhere, but your toddler has other ideas. They absolutely DO NOT want to go. So, after they’ve cried, moaned and stamped their feet, you give in and decide not to go. Problem solved right? Wrong!

Now that you’re not going, your toddler is even more distraught. They’re now throwing an epic fit because you’re not going to the place they didn’t want to go to in the first place. It’s madness, it makes no sense, but yet here you are feeling baffled as your toddler sobs uncontrollably. Yep, this is definitely one of the stranger ones, but it’s surprisingly common.

Somebody Or Something Looked At Them

It doesn’t take much to upset a toddler, in fact, it can be a simple look which sets them off. When discussing ridiculous reasons their toddlers have had meltdowns, many parents have revealed it was a look from either the pet or their siblings which set them off.

Again, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Perhaps they’re going through a particularly shy phase and even the pet dog looking at them is enough to make them want to disappear? Who knows! I guess we’ve all had times where we don’t want anyone to see us, so it’s not totally unrelatable.

Their Father Shaved

Fathers shaving their beards off and revealing their fresh new look to their babies, often on sites such as YouTube, has been popular for quite some time now. However, not all children are happy with dad’s new look!

The reason behind this one is understandable. It’s pretty tough for toddlers to recognize people when something has changed in their appearance. If the beard was quite long, the transformation would be pretty huge so it’s no wonder toddlers have a hard time figuring out it is the same person underneath. All they know is this strange looking man has their father’s voice, but it doesn’t look like him. That can be pretty terrifying! There are quite a few videos circulating online regarding beard related toddler tantrums so if you haven’t seen them, check them out now.

The Pets Won’t Say Hello Back

Although they no doubt look cute, pets and toddlers can be an absolute nightmare when put together. However, it’s not just the potential chaos which can cause issues. Nope, it seems even when your pet is being quiet, it’s offending your toddler.

There’s some hilarious stories online from parents who claim their toddler threw an epic tantrum because their pet didn’t say hello back to them. I mean, we all know it’s rude not to say hello back to someone, but we also know animals can’t talk. Your toddler may not really grasp this piece of general knowledge just yet, so to them your pet is being rude and they’re simply not going to stand for it.

They Can’t Get Away From Their Shadow

Another piece of general knowledge your toddler may not have developed yet is how a shadow works. You’re out walking in the glorious sunshine and you and your little one are having a great time. That is, until they discover their shadow.

Now, in all fairness, a shadow could look pretty sinister if you didn’t know what it was. It’s black, it has the outline of a person but absolutely no features. To your toddler, it’s a monster. So, they first scream or shout before trying to run away from this scary looking thing. When that doesn’t work, they do the only thing they know how to – throw a tantrum.

It can take them quite a long time to calm down from a shadow related tantrum and as funny as it may be, it’s probably best not to let them see you laughing. If they do, it’s likely to upset them even more.

They Couldn’t Put Food Into The Power Socket

Ok, so this one is less common but it’s definitely funny enough to be added to the list. One parent hilariously revealed her toddler had a major meltdown because she wouldn’t let him put food into the power socket. In this case, it was cookies the caring toddler was trying to feed to the socket.

However, any form of food being shoved into a power socket isn’t going to have great results so it’s understandable the responsible mother put a stop to it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean her toddler understood and an epic meltdown ensued.

Car Related Battles

There’s actually a LOT of reasons toddlers can decide to throw a tantrum in the car. However, some of the most common (and funniest) reasons include:

  • Mommy chose to drive the car instead of daddy
  • They aren’t allowed to throw things in the car
  • You turned a corner while driving

The above seems to be quite an issue for toddlers, leading to many pretty loud tantrums being thrown in the back seat!


The above is just some of the most bizarre and funniest reasons toddlers throw tantrums. Has your toddler throw a tantrum for a ridiculous yet hilarious reason? Share your story below!

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  1. Toddlers are something else when it comes to tantrum for several funny reasons. I can recall one day a boy practically threw himself on the ground in his school uniform rolling on the ground that he doesn’t want to go to school because of his mean teacher. I couldn’t stop myself laughing out loud that very day.

    The YouTube video of a baby’s reaction to her daddy getting shaved is so funny, and the baby girl was really sad about the new looks of her daddy. Toddlers are something that keeps defying our expectations.

    1. Oh yes, I’m sure that is one heck of a funny moment. Although I wouldn’t encourage it, haha. I’m really thankful I never had to deal with really annoying tantrums with my kids because I curbed it the moment they started to show signs of tantrums. I told them their actions will have bad consequences once we get home, haha.

      1. Haha, and you can be sure as hell that they wouldn’t want an angry mommy at home because they would likely get grounded and cannot play and enjoy themselves freely. Mothers have such commanding character especially to their kids, it takes a very stubborn child to disobey his mother.

  2. It’s really funny to read some of the reasons toddlers can throw tantrum and reading that a mere look from somebody or a pet can true for I used to cry a lot while I was a kid simply because each time I see a dog, I develop fears. It took time for my parents to realize and that made them to guide me from being in such situation till I grew into adulthood.

    1. For us, adults, these are really funny causes of tantrums. For kids though, it’s a valid reason, haha.

      It’s good to know you were able to get rid of your fear of dogs with your parents’ guidance. That is not an easy fear to get rid of.

    2. Your fear is a very reasonable one, the one that gets me laughing so much hard is seeing one get all jumpy when they see ordinary cockroaches or spiders.

      These are just simple insects one can easily kill and get over it but for the fear of it, they would jump onto another person’s body shouting haha.

  3. Normally I don’t wear cap, my eight months old child is familiar with his father not wearing cap. However, during the cold days I like to wear a cap and when the child sees me with cap, he begins to throw tantrums. Once a beggar came to our house begging, we gave him alms and he went away. When the beggar was going away the baby began to cry. The child seems to have created the bond with the beggar just in one minute. Children are very unpredictable.

    1. That’s quite an interesting baby you have there, to easily bond with a total stranger and a beggar at that is something you rarely witness happen. The child is literally pointing out what he or she is likely to be growing up, which is a benovelent philanthropist. Maybe the situation of the beggar is what imprinted on the child making him/her to care for the beggar.

    2. Yes, I agree with Martinsx. Your baby’s behavior is quite odd for someone so young to bond with a stranger. Most babies usually fear strangers and would cry out loud if they meet an unfamiliar face. But anyway, all kids are different so that would not be so strange.

  4. It’s so funny when that happens.

    I remember my cousin’s baby always reacting to the smallest of things. She would laugh at the sight of bright colors. She would fake crying to get attention. Stuff that normal babies do. It’s adorable.

    I’m glad that lots of parents nowadays understand that it’s part of the baby’s learning process. They’re trying to understand the world around them. We just have to be empathetic and supportive of their emotional and mental development.

    1. Yes, parents should do their best to nurture a child’s emotional and mental development for him/her to grow up a well-rounded individual. Parents should also be keen observers because sometimes, a child throws a tantrum to test if he/she could “dictate” his/her parents, haha.

  5. When my son was almost two years old, I went to a friend to see her baby for the first time. I introduced my son to the baby and carried him (my son) to look closer at the baby. he seemed okay to see and touch the baby. I know kids love babies too. When I held the baby, my son began to tug at my shirt. He’s not crying or getting mad so I thought my son would love to see the baby, so I brought the baby to him. But I did not expected that he’d grab the baby I was holding. He seemed so calm when he’s tugging my shirt. So when I noticed that he’s about to grab the baby, I immediately stood up and raise the baby. That’s when he cried his heart out. He became jealous of the baby when I was the one holding the baby. When I returned the baby back to his mother, I carried my son and never let me go. But now that I was carrying him, he is okay to touch the baby again.

    1. That’s true. Kids tend to be jealous of another baby if you hold him/her. They do want their parents’ full attention, and would not want to share it. My youngest, who is now 8 years old, still throws a tantrum if she sees me getting interested in someone’s baby, haha.

  6. Oh yes, I’m sure that is one heck of a funny moment. Although I wouldn’t encourage it, haha. I’m really thankful I never had to deal with really annoying tantrums with my kids because I curbed it the moment they started to show signs of tantrums. I told them their actions will have bad consequences once we get home, haha.

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