Gifts for sleep deprived moms

Coping with sleep deprivation is something all new parents go through. Some embrace it as part of their new reality, while others find difficulty in dealing with it – seeing it as an addition to their already stressed filled lives.

And though both parents cannot escape this, nursing mothers are more susceptible to sleep loss as they need to breastfeed their child every couple of hours or so. And this can take a toll on their work, and their well-being.

So if you’re one of those sleep deprived moms out there, then you might want to show this article to your partner. And for the husbands reading this, it’s time to take out your credit cards for the holidays gentlemen!

But before we get to the gist of this article, let’s first talk about why you need to invest in such gifts.

The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Your Brain and Body

There are numerous physical and psychological consequences tied to sleep deprivation. Here are three of them.

It Can Reduce Alertness – For sleep deprived moms workplace productivity takes a huge hit, as having less sleep can affect how they process and relay information.

It Can Strain Relationships – Because you are most likely moody or short fused, the littlest of things can irritate you. This can also put a strain on your social life, not just with people around you, but even with your partner.

It Can Lead To Health Issues – Not getting enough sleep makes you want to put “sleep first” above anything else.

Thus, you tend to forego other things you used to do, like exercise. Once this happens, it can slowly spiral down into a sedentary lifestyle which can lead to medical issues like high blood pressure, heart ailments, and can even lower a person’s sex drive.

So gentlemen, now that we have somewhat established why sleep is important, let’s jump to what gifts you can get your wife this holiday – and why!

Practical Gifts For Sleep Deprived Moms

Buy A Good Quality Mattress

Of course, buying a new mattress won’t prevent your child from waking you up in the middle of the night, but clocking in a few hours in a good mattress beats trying to sleep in a bad one.

When it comes to mattresses, it’s all about your wife’s preference. Some of the most popular choices include memory foam, latex, innerspring and adjustable air type mattresses.

Memory Foam mattresses are meant to adjust to your body shape. Unlike other mattress types, memory foam exert less “push back”, allowing your joints and muscles to relax during sleep. The only main downside to memory foam is that they tend to create more heat, so you may want to keep your AC on the entire night.

Latex mattresses are made from rubber and provide a good mix of softness and springiness. A great choice if your wife enjoys a soft bed, without the feeling of being swallowed by it. The only real downside of Latex mattresses is its price. But if you choose to get this type of mattress, then you can opt for a hybrid type of latex mattress.

Innerspring mattresses uses strategically placed metal coils just below the surface. Depending on the tension of the coils, you can adjust how firm or how soft you want the mattress to be. There are no significant disadvantages to this type of mattress, aside from the fact that the springs can sometimes make creaking sounds when they get old.

Adjustable Air mattresses are often mistaken for those blow up beds people use when camping – no, those are different. Adjustable air mattresses have two layers – an air section on top, and foam at the bottom. As the name suggests, you can easily adjust the softness of the mattress by adjusting the air pressure of its top layer. As per its cons, they are prone to mechanical failure, rendering the top part useless.

Go For Weighted Blankets

If there’s one thing that people always say about weighted blankets, it’s that being wrapped in one feels like getting a hug.

They are filled with plastic pellets, with some weighing up to 25 pounds.

So what’s the relationship between weight and relaxation? Well, it has something to do with “Deep Pressure Stimulation”. It’s a type of gentle squeezing sensation that calms our nervous system – much like the satisfaction we get from a hug.

Once deep pressure stimulation is attained, our body instantly lowers its heart rate, our muscles starts to relax, blood circulation improves, and endorphins are released.

So as you can see, the benefits of buying a weighted blanket for your wife this holiday is not just about making her feel comfortable, it’s about improving her well-being as well.

Get Her A Sleep Mask

The key to the popularity of sleep masks are their affordability – as you get all the benefits of black out curtains at a fraction of the cost!

We all know that the darker the room gets, the better the sleep becomes. And when it comes to sleep deprived moms, the ability to doze off and attain deep sleep quickly is vital for the mind and body, before the next breastfeeding session.

The second upside is its portability. With the ability to throw sleep masks into a bag or purse, your wife can get some needed sleep, regardless of where she is.

Buy Her Aromatherapy Bath Steamers

Bath steamers require less effort to use compared to bath bombs. Unlike the latter where you need to prep the tub and wait for the bath bombs to dissolve, bath steamers only requires you to place it on the floor below the shower, turn it on, and it will immediately start to emit a relaxing scent.

And with sleep deprived moms having limited personal me time, bath steamers are indeed the more practical choice.

Bath steamers come in different aromatic scents, each with different effects on the mind and body. For example, Peppermint or Eucalyptus scents helps unclog nasal passages. Lemon and Tangerine are said to lift up a person’s mood, while Vanilla and Lavender are used for relaxation.

Give The Gift of Humor

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of things that makes people happy.

Let’s face it, you and your wife won’t be getting a good night’s rest anytime soon. So rather than treat it as a burden, why not see it as something you both can laugh about during the holidays?

Here at Kinacle, we call it “Sleep Deprivation Humor Tools”.

Take for example our our “No Sleeping Tonight” mug – which was suggested by one of our office mates. The concept stemmed from him and his wife taking care of their first born child years ago.

Or maybe you prefer our “A Baby Makes Love Stronger, The Days Shorter, The Nights Longer, Savings Smaller And A Home Happier” mug?

And if you want a “wife specific” mug, then there’s our “Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Tired” mug which is somewhat of a tribute, and a humorous take on her current situation.


The point of this article is not really about spending money on material things. It’s about you, as a husband, telling your wife that you are with her all the way. It’s about showing that you appreciate the personal sacrifice she goes through each night in taking care of your child.

So to all sleep deprived parents around the world, we at Kinacle salute you!

Finally, if you have any gift ideas of your own that you’d like to add to this list, do us all a favor and share them down below. We’d love to hear how you plan to surprise your loved ones this holiday season!

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