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How To Be The Silly Parent Your Toddler Needs

When you become a parent, there’s a lot of things you need to learn. It doesn’t all come naturally, especially the fun side! Everyone is different, and while some parents naturally adopt a more playful, silly demeanor, others can really struggle to be the silly parent their kids need.

So, how can you change your behavior with your children if it doesn’t come naturally to you? Don’t worry! Many parents struggle with the silly side of parenting, but the good news is there are things you can do to change it. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to be the silly parent your toddler needs, even when it doesn’t come naturally.

Turn Frustration Into Play

When you’re stressed out, sleep deprived and generally exhausted, it’s pretty tough to avoid snapping at your toddler in frustration! If you find most of your days consist of you feeling irritable and lashing out, now’s the time to get a handle on the situation.

When your toddler is doing something frustrating, turn it into play. Granted, it’s not going to be easy to get the hang of this one! However, the more you do it, the easier it will become. Take the morning rush for example. If you find it really hard to get your toddler to do things in the morning, such as clean their teeth and get dressed, turn it into a game.

When children feel connected to you, they’re generally less likely to resist doing the things you want them to do. So, spending time being silly together is a fast-track way to make the morning routine a lot less stressful. Are they taking forever to get dressed? Put their pants on their head pretending that’s where they go. Your toddler will find this hilarious and be pretty quick to correct you and show you where they really go.

Making tasks fun is key to ensuring your toddler does them. So, if necessary, start getting them ready a little earlier so you have 10 minutes where you and your toddler can spend time together.

Try To Join In More

Some parents find it really hard to lose their inhibitions and join in with their toddler’s play sessions. Or, they could simply be so stressed trying to get other things done that they don’t feel they have the time to join in. If this sounds like you, what you need to remember is that housework can wait. In years to come when your toddler is grown, you won’t look back on this time and wish you’d done more housework. Instead, you’ll wish you’d spent more time just enjoying your toddler.

So, make a pledge to start joining in with their play sessions more. Set aside time every day to play together. This will really help strengthen the bond between you too and you’ll find it also helps to reduce your stress levels too.

Ditch The Image

Another reason you might not join in with your toddler’s fun, is because you’re worried about how you’ll look or sound. The fear of being judged, especially if you aren’t a naturally confident person, can prevent you from having fun with your little one in public.

It’s time to ditch the image! Honestly, people around you will only think it’s cute that you’re having so much fun with your toddler. Besides, even if people did judge you, would it really matter? When you’re seeing your toddler having so much fun, the only thing that will matter is their happiness. So, next time you take them to the park, or your local pool, join in with them. Run, splash, laugh and just enjoy playing with your toddler without worrying what other people might be thinking.

Make Tidying Up A Game

Another common stress trigger that many parents have is struggling to get their toddler to tidy up their toys. It can be infuriating trying to clear their toys away as they continually take other toys out of the toybox as you put them in. However, rather than losing your temper (and potentially having a meltdown), it can be really effective if you turn it into a game.

The more fun you make it, the more willing your toddler will be to do it. A fab idea is to get your toddler to pretend they are a vacuum cleaner. Then, they have to see how many toys they can hoover up in a small amount of time. You could even play a kind of musical chairs game, where you stop and start music as your toddler picks up toys. If the music stops and they’re caught with a toy in their hand, they have to pick up an extra toy before the game continues. It’s a great way to distract them from the fact that they’re doing a chore, making it fun for both of you.

Take Part In Role Play

Role play is great for your toddler as it really encourages creativity and imagination. Anything that draws them away from a screen is a great idea! When you join in with their roleplaying games, it also gives you a rare opportunity to remember what it was like to be a kid with no responsibilities. This little break from your real adult life can do wonders for your stress levels.

Of course, role playing also helps the two of you to bond and create memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Create A Messy Play Corner

Finally, this tip is for every parent that worries about the mess their toddler will make during creative play. It’s a well-known fact that toddlers love to get creative. If it’s messy, they want to do it! Of course, this can lead to a lot of arguments as you understandably worry about the mess that’s ultimately going to be created. However, there is a way to reduce the mess and help you be a little more chilled out over your toddlers love of crafts and that’s to create a messy play corner.

Setting up a dedicated area where your little one can be as messy as they like will make both them and you happy. They’ll be able to have as much messy fun as they like, and you can relax while they do it knowing you won’t have a huge mess to deal with afterwards. All you need is to cover the floor and give them their own kids table to work on. You could use a playpen to separate the area, so you know the mess won’t go outside of the perimeter!


Overall, being a silly parent doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, the tips above can help you to become a more relaxed and fun-loving parent. Start by implementing just one tip into your routine. You’ll soon discover just how much of a positive difference it can make to you and your toddler.

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