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Celebrating New Year's Eve With Baby - Fun IdeasAre you looking for fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with baby? Typically, New Year’s Eve is associated with parties and alcohol – two things you can’t really indulge in when you’ve got a baby to look after! However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun.

There are plenty of ways you can celebrate the New Year with your little one. If you’re struggling for ideas, below you’ll discover some awesome tips to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a baby.

Embrace A Cozy, Family Night In

Instead of going out, why not embrace a nice, cozy family night in? You don’t have to go out to enjoy New Year’s Eve, in fact it can be even more enjoyable staying in!

You’ll be able to settle baby into their own bed and stick to their routine. This means, on New Year’s Day your little one will be less likely to fuss due to changes in routine. It’s also a lot less stressful for you as you don’t need to worry about getting ready on time, or packing what feels like a million and one of your baby’s things to take with you.

So, grab the duvet, snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy a nice cozy night in.

Create A New Year’s Eve Box

One way to make New Year’s Eve fun, is to create a New Year’s Eve box. Typically associated with Christmas, these boxes can include numerous things to make your night extra-special. Why not create one for each member of the family? You don’t need to have a huge budget to do this – just spend what you can afford.

You could even create one for baby, putting in a new book to read to them at bedtime, a new cozy outfit and maybe even a new toy. Your box could include new PJs, a movie, a book and some nice indulgent treats. Or, if you want to make it specific to the New Year, why not include a journal, self-help books and anything that’s going to motivate you in the New Year?

The New Year’s Eve box gives you something to look forward to and is guaranteed to be a hit with the entire family.

Enjoy A Romantic Candlelit Dinner

How often do you and your partner get the chance to enjoy a date night? When baby comes along, it’s easy to put your relationship to the back of the line. However, New Year’s Eve gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a special, romantic night in.

If you have the time (and the energy!), you could always cook something nice together. If not, grab a takeaway and eat it by candlelight. You can easily do this when baby has gone to bed and keep the baby monitor close by in case they wake up. Put on a little soft, quiet music and then snuggle up together and watch a movie.

If you don’t get much chance to enjoy romantic meals like this, it will make your New Year’s Eve extra special.

If You’re Heading Out, Be Prepared!

If you really want to go out to celebrate, preparation is absolutely essential. Start by creating a list of everything your baby is going to need while you’re out. In the stress and chaos that comes with getting ready, it’s easy to forget even some of the basics like diapers and formula if you use it. So, creating a list will ensure you don’t forget anything your baby might need while you’re out.

If you’re heading to a friend or family members house, you’ll also want to check if there’s anywhere your baby could sleep for a while. You’ll often find too much excitement and new faces can cause baby to become irritable and overtired. So, having somewhere quiet they can recover, and nap, is definitely going to be appreciated.

Picking up one of our earmuff / ear protection kits would be a great idea, particularly if you plan on lighting off fireworks.

If you’re relying on a cab to get you home, make sure you book it ahead of time. Anything you can do in advance to prepare for the outing will make sure the evening runs smoothly.

Enjoy A Family Game Night

Another great, fun idea to celebrate indoors, is to host a family game night. Sure, your baby might not be able to join in, but at least they’ll be in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Get a new board game or two and enjoy a fun-packed night. You can guarantee plenty of laughs and you’ll create memories you can all fondly look back on in years to come.

You could even invite extended family over and make it a big event. Sometimes, it’s the simple things which make events such as New Year’s Eve special.

Consider Celebrating During The Day

Just because it’s New Year’s Eve, that doesn’t mean you have to celebrate purely in the evening. If you celebrate throughout the day, you can include baby. Enjoy a family dinner or take baby to a pantomime. There’s sure to be at least one running locally. You can also create your own New Year’s crafts and bring them out each year.

If you have other young children too, you could even create an early countdown to New Year right before they go to bed. These early celebrations could even turn into a tradition.


Overall, there’s no rules as to how you should celebrate New Year’s Eve. Do whatever works for you and the family. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to celebrate without going out.

How will you be spending New Year’s Eve with baby? Let us know below!

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  1. I have to say that there are great tips to celebrate Christmas Eve carrying the baby along and one which I would definitely adopt is the candlelight time out with the family. That is a great way to enjoy the moment.

  2. this a wonderful idea to get baby more more bless
    Another great, fun idea to celebrate indoors, is to host a family game night. Sure, your baby might not be able to join in, but at least they’ll be in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Get a new board game or two and enjoy a fun-packed night.

    1. In door home games are wonderful and healthy things to get involved with during Christmas and New Year Eve. The togetherness of the entire family is something special that doesn’t happen too often, so it’s very important to make such opportunities matter a lot by creating wonderful memories that would last a long time. Getting a video recorder to be used in such occasions would be a great idea.

  3. We had a great time this past Christmas Eve with an awesome candle night dinner. It was such a wonderful experience, as everywhere was illuminated by the decorations of the candle light. Every member of the family really appreciated the get together and our little ones as well couldn’t stop staring into the candle lights. I don’t know why babies are so attracted to shinny and light stuffs. One of our toddlers actually wanted to go touch the candle light but the parent was vigilant enough to prevent, otherwise her crying would ruin everything and a perfect night for all of us.

  4. This New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day we had a quiet dinner. My wife and I both cooked the dinner and the baby played on the walker. We turned to some romantic number and danced while cooking and the baby seemed to enjoy our moves. We decided to give the baby something different from his regular baby formula. We cooked rice pudding for me and we had chicken roast with fried rice.

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