Are you excited to meet your little space explorer? Gather your family and friends to celebrate for this one of a kind, outer space themed baby shower!

Show everyone that you love your baby “to the moon and back” by selecting an “out of this world” theme for your baby shower. An outer space-themed party is perfect for parents who want to celebrate with a unique and exciting atmosphere. Parents who are fond of stargazing or watching sci-fi movies are sure to be delighted in bringing these into a real-time party. Though it is commonly used for baby boys, you can also create a galaxy themed baby shower for your baby girl by using a little bit of creativity and style.

Baby Shower Outer Space Ideas

So are you now ready to plan for your outer space baby shower? Here are some essential things you’ll need.

Outer space baby shower invitations

There are lots of creative ways to make an outer space baby shower invitation. From making your own, personalized invitations to availing the ready-made ones, you’re sure to make your guests feel extra special with an invitation that matches the theme of your party. Here are some ideas on how to do your invitations:

Handcrafted invitations

Do-it-yourself invitations are ideal for parents who want to personally prepare for their party. This idea is great if you’re planning for an intimate baby shower of 10 or fewer people.

All you need to do is to visit your nearest arts and crafts store. From there, you can buy a variety of specialty papers, pens, envelops and some adorable decorations that match your theme. You can also order your materials online for your convenience.

Ready-made invitations

For the busy parents, ready-made invitations can also be considered. You can simply order some outer space baby shower invitations, fill in the necessary information, and send them to your guests. You may also find businesses that offer customized invitations for a baby girl or a baby boy. With customized invitations, you can simply leave the designing and printing to the artists and dedicate your precious time to the other aspects of your baby shower.

Email invitations

Sending your invitations through the internet is a great idea in cutting down your expenses on invitations so that you spare the amount for more important things like food and venue. If you’re inviting close family and friends to a casual baby shower, sending it via email is great. It can also be useful in inviting your relatives who are coming from far regions.

Outer space baby shower centerpieces

Your table set-up will be the center of attention at the party. When planning for your centerpieces, make sure that every detail matches your theme and of course, the gender of your baby. Your centerpieces may include planets, moon, stars, rockets and astronauts.

Since many of them are associated with baby boys, you can alter their color to make them more feminine for your baby girl. One idea is to change the color of the planets or the astronaut suits to pink. This way, you’ll achieve a girly set-up without going beyond your theme.

Outer space baby shower cake

Your cake will highlight the food for your baby shower. Give yourself some time to contact your local bakeshops and inquire about their customized cakes on the outer space theme. You may also search for bakers who offer personalized cakes. This way, you can select your own cake toppers and colors to match your party table.

Outer space baby shower backdrop

Level up everyone’s outer space experience with a nice backdrop. You can include cut-outs of planets and rockets, mimic the look of the Milky Way, and even include the name or the initials of your baby boy or baby girl.

Outer space baby shower decorations

If you want, you can add some DIY outer space party decorations to make the venue appear livelier. When decorating, it is wiser to select items that you can still reuse once your baby arrives.

Using baby items to decorate your venue is perfect in adding a youthful touch to your outer space theme. It’s also one way to unleash your creativity. For example, you can decorate sealed baby bottles to form tiny rockets or hang some baby clothes that have rockets or star designs. This way, you’ll achieve a unique baby set-up and still make use of your decorations later on.

Outer space baby shower games

Game time is among the most anticipated events in a baby shower. You can either plan for games or some crafty activities that your guests will enjoy.

To stick with your outer space theme, why not try making a rocket time capsule? With this activity, you’ll need to inform your guests beforehand to bring a memorable object that would remind their presence in your baby shower. If you’re going to have a baby girl, it is also sweet to request your guests to write a special letter for your baby’s 18th birthday. Keep this rocket time capsule and give it to your child once he or she is an adult and it will surely be cherished.

Another great activity for your baby shower is decorating the baby’s spacesuit. Here, all you need is to prepare baby bodysuits of varying sizes and some fabric paints for your guests. Give your guests some time to include their own designs on the bodysuits and hang them dry. The guest with the most artistic bodysuit wins.

Outer space baby shower party favors

Party favors are a way to thank your guests for celebrating the baby shower with you. Useful household items like candles, customized bar soaps and liquid hand washing soaps can creatively be tagged and packaged to be given to guests. If you’re celebrating with your co-workers, pens and office supplies can also be packed into some nice party favors.

Recommended Products For A Space Themed Baby Shower

Galaxy Nursery Wall Art

Galaxy Nursery Wall Art

Your outer space theme will never go wrong with these removable vinyl stickers that are built to last. A complete set of planets, rockets, meteors, shooting stars, sun and moon, your plain wall will instantly be a lively backdrop featuring all the elements of the galaxy.

Be it indoors or outdoors, our premium wall decals can be used wherever you need them. After the party, you can easily remove the stickers and use them to decorate the nursery of your future astronaut.

Out Of This World Bodysuit

Out Of This World, Space Themed Baby Bodysuit

This will be the perfect spacesuit for your future rocket pilot. You can include this item in your “make the baby’s spacesuit” activity or simply hang it along with other baby clothes and items as your party decorations. The out of this world bodysuit is available in white, blue and pink variations, making it ideal for both a boy and a girl baby shower.

Shining Star Bodysuit And Baby Bib

Shining Star, Space Themed Baby Bib

The shining star bodysuit is perfect for your future stargazer and explorer. Pair it up with this shining star baby bib that will surely make your baby feel like a rising star in the near future. Make them a part of your arts and crafts activity or simply hang them along with your other baby shower decors.

Blast Off To Outer Space Party Invitations

If you’re after convenience, these rocket ship baby shower invitations are sure to prepare your guests for a blast without ruining your budget. They also come with free envelopes so all you have to do is to fill-in the necessary details of your event, seal them inside the envelopes, and send them to your guests.

Outer Space Galaxy Table Centerpieces And Decorations

This complete set of galaxy centerpieces is a must-have for your space themed baby shower. Featuring adorable table-toppers including an astronaut, UFO, alien, rocket and planets, you’re sure to decorate your center table with ease. They also come with free bamboo sticks and adhesive. These outer space decorations can also be used for your photo booth after the party.

From My Shower To Yours Customized Soaps

These mini soaps are the perfect party favors for your guests. Since they are customizable, you can ask for colors to match your galaxy themed baby shower and a personalized thank you note for the people who celebrated this one of a kind life event with you.


Now that everything is planned, you’re more than ready to host an outer space baby shower. Gather your loved ones and celebrate for the future galaxy explorer of the family. Have a blast!

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