There is something special to be said about wooden toys – from the durability they have over plastic to the fact that they are less likely to contain harmful chemicals. It’s no wonder that more and more parents are choosing wooden toys for their baby or toddler!

Unfortunately however, manufacturers haven’t quite caught up, meaning that there’s less of a selection available for parents to choose from.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best wooden toys for 1 year old children. We’ll also try to cover a diverse selection, catering to parents of both boys and girls.

Let’s get to it!

1. 22-Piece Musical Instrument Kit

First up, we have this 22-piece musical instrument kit by Ehome. 

Some of the example instruments in this kit include a xylophone, maracas, bells, a tamborine, a trinagle, and a recorder! Musical benefits aside, this kit aids in motor development due to the wide variety of motions required to make the sounds of the various instruments (striking, blowing, shaking, etc.)

Although not every piece of this package is made out of wood, the vast majority of it is. And considering how many items are included in this bundle, I consider it to be an incredible value!

Now obviously, as cheap as this kit is, you aren’t going to be receiving world-class quality sound. Of course, your toddler isn’t going to care about that, and they’ll have plenty of fun making noise with all of the different instruments you’ll find in this purchase.

Important tip: Some parents are sensitive to certain sounds in children’s toys like these. Consider trying some of them out in private before giving them to your toddler, and hiding any that you don’t want your toddler to have.

2. Premium Suctioned Bead Maze

Have you ever seen something like this while visiting  your child’s pediatrician? This type of classic toy is incredibly popular in the waiting room of children’s doctors, and is believed to help support their mental development.

The bright, vivid colors will be enticing to your one year old child, and this is a safe, durable toy that they will likely enjoy for a long time.

The reason that we chose this specific maze from the brand ‘Cubbie Lee’ is that our research has indicated that it is one of the highest quality toys of its type. We were originally going to recommend Melissa & Doug’s maze, but discovered that they experienced a recall due to lead paint, and parents reported that the paint began to chip off after moderate use.

This isn’t the case with Cubbie Lee’s set, however.

Additionally, each piece is sanded down to ensure that there won’t be any splinters, and there is also no risk of a choking hazard. The suction on this set has been reported to be so strong, that it remained in place even when a toddler has crawled and pulled on it!

3. Oaktown Supply Toy Baby Blocks

Speaking of classic toys, this list of wooden toys for 1-year-olds would not be complete without mentioning wooden baby blocks!

Don’t let the word ‘baby’ fool you however – this set of blocks is adored by parents of 6-month-old babies, all the way up to age 4.

These blocks are slightly larger than most (1.75 inches on each side) and therefore shouldn’t pose a risk of ending up in your toddler’s mouth. However, they are still small enough to be enjoyed comfortably by your little one.

Additionally, the letter and number designs on them can provide some educational opportunities as your toddler ages!

4. Rolimate Hammering Pounding Toys Wooden Educational Toy Xylophone Shape Sorter Toy

Another toy that we consider to be a great value, this Rolimate set is actually several toys in one!

As shown in the picture, your toddler is able to hit the balls on the top with a hammer, causing them to drop down and roll over the xylophone, making noise. If they are still too young to use the hammer, many little ones enjoy simply rolling it down with their hands.

However, the xylophone can also be removed and played separately, which is a neat feature!

Finally, this set also includes 6 wooden shape blocks. The holes on the side of the toy can be used as a shape sorter.

In a nutshell, this toy addresses several tactile and developmental areas, and considering that’s a very high quality set, it would make an excellent choice for your son or daughter.

5. Melissa & Doug Animal Stacking Cars

Last on our list, we have these adorable animal-themed cars from Melissa & Doug!

These things are incredibly cute and when your child is no longer interested in zooming them around the floor, they can stack on top of each other for added fun as well. The set comes with 3 cars in total, with a dog, cat, and bear graphic on the side (the ‘driver’ of the car according to Melissa & Doug!)

Most importantly, the wood is smooth and the cars are large enough not to pose a choking / swallowing hazard.

Additionally, the design is gender neutral, so it makes a great gift for toddler girls as well.

We definitely recommend it!


Here’s a quick recap and comparison on each product we’ve included in our list of wooden toys!

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In this list, we’ve covered what we believe to be the best wooden toys for 1-year-old boys and girls. However, this list certainly isn’t complete! Share your favorite wooden toys with us in the comments – we could all benefit from hearing your recommendations!

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