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How To Keep A Stylish And Tidy Home When You Have KidsWhen you have kids, a lot of things change. Time no longer feels like a luxury and the definition of clean changes significantly in the home! It can feel like an impossible task trying to keep the home clean from sticky fingers, constant spills, a never-ending pile of laundry and toys strewn all over the floor. There’s a lot to contend with so how exactly are you supposed to keep things clean and tidy when you’re busy enough looking after the kids?

It may seem like mission impossible, but there are ways to not only keep the house clean, but stylish too (no really!). Want to know how? Below we’ll reveal some of the top tried and tested methods parents use to maintain a stylish and tidy home.

The One Minute Rules

I actually heard about the one-minute rule via Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness podcast and I have to say, I’m impressed! It’s simple but has proven to be extremely effective. You basically look around the room and anything which can be done in one minute or less, you do it.

It could be putting a load of laundry into the machine, wiping a worktop or picking up a couple of toys off the floor. It seems trivial, but throughout the course of the day, the house gradually becomes tidier. What’s more, it doesn’t even feel like an effort. You’ll start automatically doing it too. It’s a habit that can prove invaluable for parents! Give it a try and let us know how you get on in the comments at the end of the blog.

Utilizing Stylish Storage

One thing you totally need as a parent, is storage! The amount of stuff that collects in the home when you have kids is ridiculous. However, stylish storage can help not just to control the clutter, but to make the home appear more attractive too.

Look out for decorative storage bins and baskets. Consider using an antique-style trunk to store toys. There are so many different decorative storage options available these days. So, take a look at what’s available and make cluttered floors a thing of the past!

Redefine What Tidy Means

Of course, it’s virtually impossible to keep the house spotless when you have children. When we talk about keeping the home tidy, we’re not talking about it being spotless. There’s always going to be some element of mess in the home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tidier.

So, it’s all about learning to accept a little chaos, while taking steps (like the ones featured on this list) to make the home generally cleaner. If you expect it to be spotless, you’re going to be permanently stressed out.

Get Your Kids Involved

Don’t be afraid to get the kids involved with your daily cleaning chores. Even toddlers can help a little! Whether it’s simply getting the to pass you items to clear away or helping you to put their toys back after they’ve played with them – every little helps.

It’s also important to avoid trying to stop your kids from being kids. They are going to make a mess and the house won’t always be tidy. If you try to stop them making a mess, it’s only going to add a lot of stress onto your day, as well as cause a rift between you and the kids. So, let them have their toys all over the floor while they’re playing, but get the to help you put them away afterwards.

A lot of kids actually enjoy helping their parents to clean. As long as they’re given simple, quick jobs, they’ll usually be more than happy to help.

Make Sure You’re Using The Right Fabrics

One of the most common challenges you’ll face, is keeping fabrics clean. Whether it’s your sofa, carpets or cushions, they’re bound to end up with sticky stains and marks all over them. However, it is possible to minimize the amount of mess created by ensuring you choose the right fabrics.

Generally speaking, leather and microfabrics tend to withstand stains a lot better than other fabrics. So, it’s better to invest in a leather sofa than a fabric one. You may also want to consider getting rid of your carpets and opting for something like vinyl instead. This is soft, durable, affordable and it’s extremely easy to keep clean. You’ll also find vinyl flooring is available in hundreds of different designs, with some even mimicking the look of real wood and stone.

As well as focusing on the different types of fabrics, you’ll also want to make sure you’re choosing the right color. Unfortunately, cream and white based materials are impractical when you have kids! So, opt for dark, solid colors or patterned materials wherever possible. This will help to keep the home looking much cleaner than it actually is.

Wipes Are Your New Best Friend

You’re not going to have time to give the home a thorough cleaning every day. However, you can keep on top of it by using wipes. Just like baby wipes prove invaluable for cleaning up sticky fingers and spills, cleaning wipes can be extremely effective at helping to keep worktops and surfaces clean.

Each day simply wipe over the worktops and surfaces to keep them clean and hygienic. It takes just a minute or two but can make a huge difference to how clean the room looks.

Keep Things Organized

This one is easier said than done. However, once you have organized everything, it only takes a little effort each day to keep it up. If you have a rare child free afternoon or evening, why not spend a little time organizing your home. Start with one room at a time, making sure everything has a place and any clutter is eliminated.

If something doesn’t have a home, it’s easy to simply place it anywhere. So, a little organization can go a long way to ensuring the home remains clean and organized.

Create Kid-Friendly Spaces

Finally, it’s a good idea to create kid-friendly spaces. That is, an area in the home where you don’t need to worry about keeping constantly clean. It could be a dedicated corner, or a space in their bedroom.

You can also use this tip to create areas for your child’s artwork. They could have a small section of a room where they can put up their creations. You can also protect the area with waterproof sheets, allowing them to paint and take part in messy crafts without the need to worry about cleaning up a mountain of mess.

Keeping them contained to one area does make it so much easier to keep the rest of the home tidier. You’ll end up with a more controlled mess which is so much easier to deal with!


Overall, it is possible to keep a stylish and tidy home when you have kids. The above tips can help you to make a start. The thing to remember is that tidy when you have kids, means something totally different to being tidy without kids. So, don’t have too many expectations and remember, it’s so much more important for your kids to just be kids.

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