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5 Effective Burping Methods For New ParentsBurping is an effortless task for adults, but it can be a real problem for babies. The trouble is, if the gas builds up in the tummy, it can cause baby a lot of discomfort, and in some cases, pain. Helping to relieve built up gas, burping is an essential skill you need to develop once your little one arrives.

There’s actually a lot of ways you can burp your little one and some prove much more effective than others. To help, below you’ll discover 5 great burping methods for new parents.

1. Lay Baby Face Down And Pat Their Back

One of the most effective methods of burping a baby is to lay them face-down onto your lap. Make sure you use one hand to support baby’s body and their head is supported well on one of your legs. Then, firmly pat their back. This is often enough to release built-up gas, but if it doesn’t, you can move on to another tried and tested method.

2. Arm Lift

This is one of the more unusual methods, but many parents swear by it. You simply pick baby up underneath their arms and rock them gently from side to side. You’ll need to ensure you’re supporting baby’s head too, so it’s best to hold them against you, with their head resting against your chest.
This method is especially useful for releasing stubborn wind.

3. Over The Shoulder

Another common and very effective technique is to place baby against the shoulder. Their head will automatically be supported by the shoulder, while one of your hands should be used to support their bottom and back. With the other hand, you should pat baby’s back firmly to release the gas.

It’s best to do this burping method standing up. It’s largely effective because baby’s abdomen is pressurized very slightly by the shoulder.

4. Upright Pat On The Back

This is a good alternative to the face-down method. Instead of laying baby over your lap, place them into an upright position, either facing the side or away from you. They should also be leaning a little forward.
Use one hand to support the chest, making sure the fingers are also supporting baby’s chin. Then, use your other hand to pat baby’s back gently but firmly. Out of all of the methods, this one does tend to prove most effective.

5. The Classic Position

If all else fails, why not try the classic burping position? You’ll need to place baby in the same position as you would for the upright pat on the back. So, have them sitting up facing to the side or away from you. Be sure to support them in the same way mentioned above.

The only difference here is instead of patting baby’s back, you’ll need to rub it firmly. Not all trapped gas responds to a patting motion. So, if you’re finding it difficult to burp baby effectively, it could be you need to switch from patting to rubbing, or vice versa.

These are the top 5 burping positions you’ll want to try out. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of experimenting and switching the methods you’ve been using. So, now we’ve covered the best burping techniques, let’s look at ways you can reduce baby’s gas.

Ways To Reduce Baby’s Gas

All babies need to be burped, there’s no avoiding it. However, did you know there are ways you can minimize the amount of trapped gas your baby experiences?

One of the best tips to reduce gas build-up, is to make sure you’re feeding baby in an upright position. Babies that are fed whilst laying down, have shown to have more built up gas than those who are fed in a more upright position. Similarly, even when not feeding, babies who do spend most of the day laying down on their backs do tend to get a lot more gas than others.

If you’re breastfeeding, it’s also a good idea to burp baby between switching breasts. This will minimize the chance your little one will become fussy before they’ve finished feeding.

As a general rule, bottle-fed babies tend to digest a lot more air while they’re feeding. Breastfed babies don’t intake as much, which means they may not even need to burp after each feed. So, if you do find it difficult to burp your little one, it could be they don’t actually need to be burped. Or, if you’re certain they do, just try switching between the techniques mentioned above.

To reduce gassy build-up in bottle-fed infants, you could try switching to a bottle with a slower-flowing nipple. Regular baby massage can also prove effective at minimizing gas build up, as can a nice warm bath. If you give massage a try, it’s best to do it around 45 minutes after baby has had a feed or a nap. Not only does massaging baby’s abdomen help dislodge and prevent trapped gas, it also helps to calm them.


The above are some of the best methods and tips to use when burping your baby. It’s common for parents to feel like a failure when they can’t successfully burp their little one. However, it does take time and practice and some babies are naturally fussier than others.

If you are really struggling and none of the above methods and tips are working, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a doctor. They’ll be able to detect whether anything else is going on, as well as give you professional tips on how to overcome the problem.

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  1. In my experience #3 and #4 are the most effective burping methods. When the baby is over the shoulder and upright, he feels comfortable. I don’t think #1 method is very helpful, in fact, the baby is likely to throw up when he is face down.

    1. I have also used only #3 and #4 as a burping method. I’ve used the #1 method not for burping purposes but for getting rid of colic, provided the child is not full. Otherwise, yes, the baby may throw up. But experts did say all of these methods work. I guess it depends on which method a parent is comfortable with.

  2. Quite amazing tips we can bump the kids to ensure that they don’t get discomfort as a result of build up gases. I’ve seen nursing mothers use the first option of laying the baby face down while they pamper their back. This is what they do especially when the baby starts crying which can also be as a result of the build up gas in the stomach. So, I think these five tips can be helpful to nursing to keep their babies happy always.

    1. Yes, Henrywrites, I do think all of these methods are used by parents. They may not be using all five but could be using one or two of these. I guess it depends on which method they’re comfortable using. As they say, to each his own 🙂

      1. You’re right on the parents using the method that suits them. They are amazing tips, but some parents might have objection to some, but it doesn’t mean all ain’t effective. When I get married, I would have to try the five to see how it works. I’m keen to experience being a father.

  3. Burping the baby is important to release the gas from their tummy that they usually get from bottle feeding. Having gas in their tummy makes them irritated that’s why proper method of burping the baby is a must to learn. Sometimes if the baby is having hard time to burp there’s a type of oil called “acete de manzanilla” that could help in releasing the gas as well. Just massage gently on the baby’s tummy. Farth is expected after few minutes. In this way the unwanted gas will release.

    1. You’re right, it could make them irritable. Babies are people, too, so I’m sure, just like adults, they would not feel comfortable if they don’t let the gas out. We do love to burp after a full meal. It feels good.

  4. I still remember the time when I have to take care for my little sister, my mother told me to this every after she drink her milk. My mother taught me the number 2 and 3 I will not stop doing it until I already heard my sister burp. Now she is already 13 years old and I will tell her this story. It was really nice for me to take care for my own sister. How I wish that she don’t grow old any more, but it is impossible.

    1. Wow! That was so nice and caring of you to take care of your sister. I’m sure you two have such a close bond. God bless you both! and may you continue to guide her.

  5. We are always told how important it is to help our baby to burp after every feeding. There are a lot of ways to help a baby to burp. But we only used number 3 and number four to help our baby to burp. It’s because every baby is different from another. You just have to try and find out which best helps your baby to burp.

    1. Yes, that’s true. Every parent must find out the best method for a baby because as you’ve said, every baby is different. It might be a trial and error at the beginning but eventually, you’ll find the best method.

  6. In my experience and my husband as well the only method that we used is #3 because back in the year 2002 that was the only instruction that is easy to follow found in the baby book. Parents nowadays are very lucky that there is an article like this that can help and guide them on parenting.

    1. I agree. Parents of today are truly lucky to have information at their fingertips through the internet. Learning about parenting and the how-to’s is very much convenient that is why we do our best to come up with helpful articles that are useful for parents.

  7. When my son was a baby it was easy to do the upright pat on the back but every baby is different on what works best great article.

    1. I totally agree about finding the burping position that suits a baby because each is different and may require a different position to release gas. Parents should be flexible and try all possible comfortable positions until they find what’s best for baby 🙂

      1. I think that the upright pat on the back happens to be the most commonly used by most parents and it seems comfortable for most kids as well. I have 5 cousins who happened to feel more comfortable with upright pat on their backs to help them release gas when there is need for it.

  8. Yes, this is very educational, especially for those new parents. Burping is one way to release the gas from the tummy during feeding, especially those babies who are bottle feed. I am always using the number 3 and 4 but any of the 5 will do to help you burp you’re baby.

    1. Great to know you were able to find the burping position best for your baby. Patience is the key to finding the best position, and sometimes it’s not confined to just one position. I’m sure you’ll be able to sort it out 🙂

  9. Adults do this without any help when they are done eating but babies need help with it. I must confess it amuses me whenever I see my little niece and cousin babies burp when they are being pat on the back. It’s something like giving them a soothing massage to help them feel better after eating as well as help with the food digestion.

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