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8 Embarrassing Moments All Moms Can Relate To

Ah, parenthood – a journey of joy, frustration, wonder and embarrassment! As much as we love ’em, there’s no denying our little bundles of joy can put us in some pretty humiliating situations.

Whether it’s the things they say, the things they do, or the things we have to do to simply get through the day – embarrassing moments are never far away when you have young children. Here, we’ll look at just 8 of the embarrassing moments all moms can relate to.

1. Being Peed On

This happens more than you might think! Even when baby has a diaper on, it’s totally possible it could overflow and leak all over you.

It could be you’re stuck on a long flight and the diaper just can’t hold all of the extra pee that’s built up. Or, it could be a changing incident. Baby boys (more so than baby girls) are renowned for their ability to pee all over their unsuspecting parents as their diaper is being changed. Whatever the reason, the result is the same – you end up with a very noticeable pee stain either in your lap or all over your front.

2. The Post Pregnancy Period

Remember before you got pregnant you had those monthly visits from mother nature? Well, they’re about to make an epic comeback!

It’s easy to forget after giving birth, that your period is also going to be making a regular appearance again. It can happen anywhere from 4-6 weeks after giving birth and for many moms it comes as quite an embarrassing surprise. If you wear tampons, you may be horrified to realize that your usual ones you still carry around with you, are no longer sufficient (well, you have just pushed a baby out of there!). Being left with no option but to ask someone for help can be humiliating, but try not to sweat it, it’s happened to the best of moms.

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3. The Toddler Makeover

When your child reaches the toddler stage, you’ll find they often want to give you a makeover. Whether that be brushing and “styling” your hair or applying make-up all over your face – it’s not always pretty, but it does keep them really entertained. Ok, so what’s embarrassing about that if nobody is there to see it? It’s not! However, what is embarrassing, is when you forget about your toddler makeover.

Yep, as unlikely as it sounds, it is surprisingly easy to forget your toddler’s handiwork and head off out on your daily errands. Some parents have ventured out with stuff drawn on their face or all over their back. Worse still, they haven’t even realized this until they’ve returned home later in the day. Humiliating? Absolutely! But also pretty hilarious too when you look back on it.

4. Leakage

Breastfeeding comes with a whole range of embarrassing issues, but leakage can be by far one of the most embarrassing! It strikes when you least expect it and has the ability to penetrate through breast pads.

Many moms have found themselves with a very embarrassing leakage issue at least once. What’s more, it can occur even when you’re nowhere near your baby. Just the sound of another baby crying can set off your milk production hormones. So, how do you get around this humiliating issue? The best thing is to carry around a spare top!

5. Loss Of Bladder Control

A lot of the embarrassing situations mentioned on this list involve some kind of bodily fluid. However, one you don’t expect is a loss of bladder control!

After giving birth, it’s extremely common for moms to experience bladder weakness. It can strike at any time too. You could be out shopping and suddenly feel the urge to pee. Unless you’re close to a bathroom, this could result in either you wetting yourself, or finding a private place to just “squat and go”. Some moms have even resorted to pulling over in the car and using their little one’s potty!

6. Fashion Disasters

Although it’s slightly less common than the bodily fluid scenarios, don’t be surprised if one day you end up walking around with your baby’s diaper stuck to your clothing. Scarves are particularly skilled at clinging on to things they have no business clinging onto! One mom has admitted she was feeling quite pleased with herself looking fashionable with her scarf with a four-month-old baby. That was until someone pointed out she had a diaper hanging from it at the back!

So, next time you head out of the door, you may want to double check you aren’t taking any unexpected items with you!

7. Spit Up Outfits

Another fashion disaster involves, yep you guessed it, another bodily fluid mishap – spit up! All babies spit up frequently, it’s just a normal part of parenting. However, you won’t always notice that it’s happened.

Many moms have walked around with spit up all over them without realizing it until they got home. Some days, you’ll be far too exhausted to care, while others you’ll be absolutely mortified.

8. Being Unable To Sit Down

Ok, so we should clarify here we’re talking about hemorrhoids. They’re pretty common after giving birth and they can make it extremely painful to sit down. This means you’re going to spend a lot of time either pretending not to be in pain while you’re out in public, or arming yourself with a range of soothing products to help.


These are just 8 embarrassing moments all moms can relate to. If you’re a new parent, you’ve likely already experienced at least one of them! The good news is, these embarrassing moments are exactly that – moments. They’ll soon be forgotten and there will be a new embarrassing moment just around the corner. It may not seem like it at the time, but you’ll look back at these moments and laugh further down in your parenting journey!

What embarrassing moments have you experienced as a parent? Of course, we want to hear from dads too! Share your most embarrassing parent moments below!

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  1. Being peeped on is beyond hilarious, I really couldn’t help myself laughing when reading that point in this article. My experience with my first son was so funny that I began to wonder if he was doing it on purpose. He wouldn’t pee until I carry him and in just a minute or two, he would have me all soaked wet.

    1. haha, it seemed you have a naughty one! Being peed on and getting wet is not much of a problem because you have a baby with you and that is justifiable. I would say the most embarrassing part is when you’re stuck with the clothing that your baby peed on and you start to smell of urine, haha.

      1. Haha, I’m telling you honestly it gets annoying sometimes but the good part was that then when was still little, his urine doesn’t really smell, so I had nothing to worry about the smell but unless of course I wouldn’t still be comfortable dripping urine drops (LOL).

        1. Really, urine that doesn’t smell? Good for you, haha. But yes, when you’re dripping urine, that is embarrassing, LOL.

  2. Being peed on and spit on outfits are also common or fathers as well. Whenever I fail to calculate the baby’s peeing time, I will end up being peed on, usually in the area between the legs. Imagine the wet spot there.
    You missed baby farting. farting also causes a lot of embarrassment.

    1. This is really funny in the sense that I could still recall back in those days that my sister was still little. She always pee on me whenever I carry her for I enjoyed taking good care of her then. It was always embarrassing, but as a little boy, I felt it was no big deal.

      1. Yes, when one is still a child, he/she doesn’t seem to feel embarrassed as much as adults do so getting peed on as a child will not be a big deal, haha.

        I admire you for taking care of your sister because not many like doing that job. Reminds me of my third son who was very responsible at a young age and took care of his two younger sisters better than his two older brothers.

        1. The fact is that I feel at home when I am with babies that even as an adult, I always see the need to take good care of babies. Some of my friends always ask the reason I behave in such manner even when I am not a lady. However, it is great to take good care of the little ones around us.

    2. Oh yes, a fart that really smells makes people look at you like you did it, hahaha. I could just imagine how that would make a parent feel.

  3. Reading about some of these embarrassing moments that our moms pass through when they are pregnant or after birth delivery has given me a hint about what they pass through on their every day life and the need for us to appreciate them always. Also, it is nice that you gave tips on how some of those moments can be salvaged to avoid being uncomfortable at certain conditions.

    1. Yes, we would want parents to know what to do if these situations arise. That is why, personally, when we go out when my kids were still babies, I make sure I bring extra clothing not only for the baby but also for myself and for my hubby because these situations are unavoidable.

      1. The situations are unavoidable and that is one thing that some parents fail to understand. It is always better that we go with those spare clothes since it is going to assist in making us have a good time with the baby around.

  4. This good for a pregnant women who will be having her first born.They will the interventions they can apply once they are in a circumstance as stated above. That’s why their daughters and sons need to know the struggle of a mother and also the husband for them to know that a mother is really a superwoman.

    1. Unfortunately, our kids would not fully understand parental struggles not until they, too, become parents. Kids these days take parents’ sacrifices for granted and do not seem to appreciate it, although there are a few who values their parents’ efforts.

      Indeed, moms (and dads, too) are super parents because they do their best to provide their kids’ needs.

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