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6 Things Every Parent Should Carry In Their Potty Training BagPotty training is one of those things that, as a parent, you can’t wait for. The thought of leaving those diapers behind and never having to change them again is an exciting, joyous dream. However, that joy and excitement is soon forgotten when potty training time arrives!

There’s no denying potty training can make you feel like you’re losing your sanity. What should be a fairly straightforward process, turns out to be one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of parenthood. Of course, some toddlers take to potty training like a duck to water, but for most parents, the struggle is real!

If you’re potty training your little one, there’s a few things that will make the task a lot less stressful. One of these things is to ensure you have a well-stocked potty training bag. The question is, what should you carry in this magical bag?

Here, you’ll discover the top things every parent should carry in their potty training bag.

Travel Potty Or Potty Seat

When you’re heading out with your toddler, it can be daunting relying upon public restrooms. Many toddlers are reluctant to use a public toilet and they also aren’t always as clean as they should be. So, it’s always a good idea to carry a travel potty or a potty seat with you.

A travel potty is something your toddler is familiar with and can be used both on long car journeys and in public restrooms. However, if the thought of carrying around a potty doesn’t appeal to you, or it’s inconvenient, you could opt to carry a potty seat instead. These fit over the seat of the toilet and are a lot lighter and easier to carry around.

The potty seats are also designed so that they fold and trap any germs and bacteria inside until you can get home and clean them.

Pull Up Diapers

Yes, you’re trying to get your toddler out of wearing diapers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of pull-ups when you need to. In some situations, pull-ups not only give you peace of mind, but they can also prevent the need for messy clean-ups.

Say you’re going on a long car journey for example. There may not be a toilet available for quite some time, or your little one may keep insisting they don’t need the potty. In this situation, a pull-up diaper can prove to be invaluable. You may find once you reach your destination, your toddler is still dry anyway. However, the fact they wore a pull up diaper would have really helped if they had have needed to go.

A Disposable Changing Pad

Changing pads are something you got used to carrying around with you during the baby stage. However, once you start potty training, disposable changing pads can once again prove extremely useful. You won’t need to lay your toddler onto the mat to change them like you did when they were a baby, but it is good for standing on in the event of an accident.

The thing about potty training, is accidents are sure to happen at some point. It’s also to be expected that these accidents will happen in the least convenient locations. So, being prepared can save you a lot of stress and frustration. A disposable changing pad can be used to stand on while you’re changing your toddlers clothing. That way, it will soak up any urine without messing up the floor of the restroom. It’s also more hygienic than getting your toddler to stand barefoot on the restroom floor.

Spare Pants And Shoes

Spare pants are the absolute minimum change of clothing you should take with you. However, it’s also worth taking a spare change of shoes with you too. This is because, as many parents have found out the hard way, accidents can cause a lot more of a mess than you might think. Urine can run down the legs, into the shoes. So, having a spare pair of shoes for your toddler is definitely advisable.

In fact, you’re probably going to want to carry a full change of outfit with you, just to be safe. Shop for Kinacle clothing by clicking here!

Paper Towels And Wet Wipes

Public restrooms can be a godsend, but they can also be potentially dirty and ill-equipped too. You won’t always find paper towels available, so it’s always worth carrying some of your own with you.

Similarly, wet wipes are also a potty training bag essential. You’ll want to try and ensure you’re using the flushable wipes as the last thing you need to be worrying about is carrying dirty wipes around with you. The great thing about wet wipes is they can be used for a wide range of purposes so they’ll always come in useful.

Antibacterial Wipes

Another type of wipe you’ll want to carry with you is antibacterial wipes. You never know whether there will be soap in public restrooms so having antibacterial wipes can offer peace of mind. They can also be used to wipe the floor if an accident does happen, as well as the toilet seat.


The above are just some of the top essentials parents should carry in their potty training bag. It might not make the potty training experience easier, but it will give you peace of mind and ensure you’re prepared for any potential accidents.

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  1. Babies can be very messy and it’s not their fault because they don’t know any better. The one thing that they do and I would just be laughing myself out instead of being annoyed is messing up their dress almost immediately after changing them. This is why carrying extra spare to accommodate this situation is very important. Paper towels and wipes are new trends now and I love its usefulness.

    1. I agree with you on the need for parents to carry extra spare of clothes when they are out with the baby on am event. It’s not the baby’s fault and I doubt that they are even happy to mess on themselves especially when they are putting on that nice dress on them.

    2. I’m sure most parents who have brought a child with them to go out even for just a few hours are now making sure they have an extra kiddie clothing after the first time they didn’t bring an extra, haha. It’s a nightmare when a child gets his/her clothing dirty and you do not have any extra to change him/her in.

  2. Once our baby began to sit on his own, we started potty training him, that was when he was about 7 months old. Until now we have to travel too far, however, I am sure these tips will come handy when we are traveling with our baby. A couple of years ago, I was in a party along with my sister’s family. She had a two years old boy. Suddenly the baby soiled his pants, sadly my sister did not have spare parts. She asked her husband to rush to the nearest store and get pants for her baby. I do not want to end up like this.

    1. Yes, I’m sure that kind of memory immediately comes to mind when you already have your own child. Good thing you learned early, haha.

  3. Don’t forget the water resistant Bags!!!
    This items are my Holy Grail. I have a 17 month old toddler and I’m already potty training her yet there are times where she gets messy and cranky where she wouldn’t stay still.Thank God this items were made or everything would be a total disaster.

    1. Oh yes. Along the way, we discover items that we can’t live without when we have small kids. Thank you for sharing your tips. We truly appreciate it 🙂

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