Have You Tried The Stroller Workout Yet?There’s a new type of workout designed for busy moms that’s taking the world by storm. The stroller workout, also referred to as the buggy workout, is a great way to get back in shape after giving birth and most importantly – it’s so quick and easy to do.

You already get a good workout from your stroller as you push it around the grocery store or to your local park However, there’s a number of ways you can turn this essential piece of equipment into a more effective, intensive workout tool.

If you’ve never tried, or never even heard of the stroller workout, below you’ll discover everything you need to know.

What Is A Stroller Workout?

The stroller workout is exactly what it says – a workout using your stroller. However, it’s usually done in the form of a fitness class, designed to bring parents together for a fun, guilt-free way to keep fit.

Most classes take place outdoors, though on rainy days some classes choose to switch to the mall instead. The classes are offered by qualified postnatal instructors, or at least they should be, so this is something you’ll need to check out before you sign up to one.

You can expect to combine power walking with various toning exercises; designed to both improve posture and strengthen up the core muscles. There’ll be plenty of lunges, burpees, planks and squats involved so don’t expect it to be a simple walk in the park!

While most stroller workouts are carried out in a group environment, it is possible to do them at home. You can find stroller workout routines online so if you don’t feel comfortable joining a class, simply print out a workout and do it at home.

What Are The Benefits?

Stroller workouts offer a lot of benefits, mainly they make it easier to keep up with your fitness. You don’t need a babysitter, you can simply do your workout right there with baby watching you. This isn’t just convenient, it also saves you a lot of money in childcare costs too.

It’s also a workout which can be totally tailored to your own personal fitness level. You can customize it by switching to running rather than walking and best of all – it can be done absolutely anywhere. The fact you can alter the routine makes it easier to stick to as well, since you won’t get bored with the workout.

You don’t need to attend a class, but of course if you do go to one, you’ll get the added social benefits too. Many stroller workout groups organize a range of social activities the moms can enjoy.

Another major benefit of these classes, is they can help you beat the baby blues. Although it’s still a bit of a taboo subject, postnatal depression is very real and it affects many women after the birth. Exercising can reduce your chances of suffering from the dreaded baby blues, helping you to stay focused on your health and fitness.

Finally, the fact they are designed to work out all areas of the body means they’re great for helping you drop those pounds. One of the main things new moms struggle to cope with is the changes which happen to the body after the birth. Taking part in a challenging, all-over workout really helps you to get back in shape and feel great.


If you take a look online, you’ll find some great stroller workout routines to get started with. However, it is recommended you look for local groups due to the great social benefits they bring.

Overall, stroller workouts may be fairly new, but they’re already really starting to take off. If you’re a busy mom looking to get in shape but you can’t afford the childcare costs, stroller workouts are definitely something you’ll want to look into.

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  1. This stroller workout is a good idea. I will consider doing this after giving birth in the future. We’ve always been told that walking for at least 30 minutes everyday is a good workout. It would be nice to incorporate this stroller workout with the 30-minute walk while taking your baby outdoors. A good way of making movements thru walking while promoting a bit of strength thru pushing. This is nice to do in the morning, The baby gets a dose of sunlight while I get my dose of exercise.

  2. This is a really nice article! Not only can parents have a simple workout through this, they also get to hang out with each other and their kids. Nowadays that most mom and dads work, this tend to significantly minimize their time together as a family. Through this, they get to have fun, bond, and exercise. It’s a great idea that you thought of sharing this with us.

  3. It is nice to see how the parents and the kid can really connect by having a stroller workout. I enjoy reading quite an insightful article on how the parents, especially the mothers, can have a good time with their babies. It can help ease the stress of parenthood at those moments.

  4. My wife was thinly built. However, when she was pregnant, she gained 10 kg weight. When the child was delivered, she lost few kgs, however, over the weeks she again gained weight. She is now 12 kg more than what she used to be previously. She never considered losing weight until the baby started eating solid food. Now that the baby is eating varieties of food, she wants to cut weight. We don’t have a stroller, but I think this will be good for the baby and mon.

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