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Great Ways to Get Your Toddler Excited For ChristmasThe weather is getting significantly colder and there’s magic in the air. It can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming!

If you want to make the festive season with your toddler extra special this year, now’s the time to start planning ahead. Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing your little one excited for Santa. So, why not start your Christmas countdown now?

Here, you’ll discover some great ways to get your toddler excited for Christmas.

Start The Christmas Countdown

One of the easiest ways to get your toddler excited for Christmas, is to start a countdown. Advent calendars tend to be the most popular way to count down to the big day. However, if you want to try something a little different, there are plenty of other countdown methods you can try.

Why not take a look on your cell phone’s app store to see what countdown apps are available? You’ll find some which are specifically targeted at kids, featuring cute designs and exciting themes. Each day you can do the countdown together and watch your toddler become more excited the nearer Christmas gets.

Decorate The Home Together

Another way to ramp up your toddler’s excitement for the holidays, is to let them help you decorate. Even if it’s just passing you items to go on the wall or letting them hang toddler-friendly decorations onto the bottom branches of the Christmas tree, they will love helping out and watching the home transform in front of their eyes.

You could even turn this into an annual tradition. It’s a great bonding experience too and you may be surprised how much more you actually enjoy decorating when you have your toddler helping you.

Christmas Crafts

Toddlers love crafts – especially ones which involve a little mess! There are so many different Christmas themed crafts you can create together. You could keep it simple and help them to create their own Christmas cards. Or, why not take a look at sites such as Pinterest, where you’ll easily discover hundreds of Christmas craft ideas suitable for toddlers?

From painting to creating cards and even creating their own Christmas decorations, your little one is sure to love their Christmas craft sessions. There’s also the added bonus that you’ll get to keep whatever it is they create, giving you a beautiful sentimental gift to treasure throughout the years.

Start Reading Christmas Books

As the holidays are approaching, why not switch up your toddler’s book list and introduce Christmas themed books instead? You’ll find hundreds of different Christmas books online. Not only will this help to get your toddler excited, but it’s also going to be educational too.

Many toddler Christmas books focus on teaching specific lessons about the holidays. Plus, they are super-cute to read too so it’s something you’ll both enjoy doing together.

Head Out On A Christmas Light Hunt

Each year, people seem to put their Christmas lights up earlier and earlier. So, what better way to get excited about the holidays than to head out on a Christmas light hunt?

You and your toddler can venture out on a walk around the neighborhood, or even go for a drive further afield to see how many Christmas lights you can spot. The great thing about this idea, is that you can do it on a weekly basis. Each time you go, there will be more lights to see. If you want to be really organized, you could even create a little checklist which your toddler can tick off as they see the lights.

Interact With Santa

The toddler stage is where you can really introduce the idea of Santa. However, rather than just telling your little one about the magical man in a red suit and a long beard, why not let them interact with him?

No matter where you live, you’ll find many stores offer Santa meet and greet sessions. Your toddler will never know he’s not the real Santa and they’ll often get a little gift for visiting too. However, not all toddler’s love sitting on Santa’s knee, or even seeing him in the first place! So, if you think your toddler will more likely be scared of Santa, you could let them interact with him in different ways.

Thanks to technology, it’s possible to even schedule a call back from Santa. Or, you could go down the traditional route and write him a letter.

Bake Christmas Goodies

A fun way to get excited about Christmas, is to bake delicious festive goodies. You can get your toddler involved with this too. They will love helping out in the kitchen, as well as eating the tasty Christmas treats you cook up.

You’ll find lots of festive themed recipes online you and your toddler can try out. Cookies tend to be the easiest to create, but you could also make cakes and cupcakes too.

Create Or Hang A Christmas Stocking

If you’re feeling super-creative, you can create your own Christmas stockings this year. However, it doesn’t really matter if you buy one. Simply hanging a stocking up will get your toddler excited! You can either do this when you put the main Christmas decorations up, or you could wait until Christmas Eve to get your toddler even more excited.

Capture Santa On Christmas Eve

Another thing to do on Christmas Eve, is to capture Santa! There are lots of ways to do this, with one of the most popular being sprinkling fake snow throughout the house and creating footprints through them. You can tell your toddler that the footprints are from Santa!

If you want to get a little more elaborate, you could even have someone dress up as Santa, then get them to pose bending down by the tree. Take what looks like a sneaky picture, then show it to your toddler in the morning. You could even create a little video if you want to ramp up the excitement to another level!


As you can see, there are so many ways to get your toddler excited for Christmas. Whatever you choose to do, you can guarantee the Christmas countdown will be so much more exciting with your toddler involved!

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